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  1. You should try adding those "pro" nmrih players you could find into steam friends and then just play with them.
  2. Meh, I found out the code by checking it on sdk and I also found out the reason of that code. And if it's supposed to be something you can actually guess by thinking you're really wrong. It's just a very known 4 digit number that only dev-team oldfags know. Anyways... It's only matter of time that people will spread the word.
  3. Qué va macho, soy de Murcia, cerquita pero no tanto. Yo me esperaba a hacerlo desde casa con cualquier micrófono medio decente. También porque conozco más jugadores españoles de nmrih que llevan desde que se liberó la beta y les podría interesar (a parte que tienen buena voz por no ser críos y ser gente que si hace falta se pone seria). Not sure if I may speak spanish in forum yet, any problem just let me know.
  4. Hey there! My whole support to this. You could even create some kind of mod as some german guys did not a long time ago (with a nice result) in which you'd just record the voices and replace the according nmrih files. And perhaps eventually it will be added by dev team. Also if you're looking for spanish voice actors of any kind (male or female) I could use a hand.
  5. It would be "Discusión" instead of "Discursión", amigo. And I'd better say it's "Información de bugs y asistencia técnica para jugadores españoles."
  6. This thread made my day.
  7. physics_multiplayer maybe?
  8. 1. Woman character. 2. More objective maps. 3. Better animations and related stuff to make your character's actions more realistic.
  9. No patch from 1.04 to 1.05 yet? I'd be grateful if you posted one, my 1mb connection shouldn't suffer the download of the whole game again :C
  10. Anyone recently got a key who doesn't need?
  12. Just type "kill" in console, it will be more painless
  13. Yea but I heard you could only play a version of the game until you get to Xen.
  14. It worths 8-10 keys which is 16-20€ which is 20-25$. The exact prize is determined by your trading knowledge/convincing power with the other trader. But the fact is that after all...
  15. You should try out tf2outpost.com... Lots of people are actually looking for bill's hat.
  16. Yep. It's supposed to become the default steam community system for everyone some day.
  17. Na, not so confusing. The only interesting thing you have to check is the new "community/friends" page. It's a real-time display of friend's screenshots, status, activity and other stuff. It's always been there but now it's shown in a different way than before
  18. My experience says the opposit. I've already bought games such as STALKER Clear Sky, Portal 2, Dead Island, PAYDAY The Heist for only TF2 items.
  19. Accepting tf2 items?
  20. Now it says its on a 2% of the total votes!
  21. Lol i've just seen it and I was coming to forum to explain. But seems you already realised. Voted.
  22. Zombie Master is your friend
  24. I've just made a few changes into the Spanish requested page. There was untraslated stuff and just some details about punctuation and accents. It's all ready now.
  25. I got to wave 26 with some mates and then server crashed. 150 zombies at the beginning caused so much lag in the beginning of every of the latest rounds.