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  1. ive been working on a basic VR mission, and starting the game itself. here are some screens of docks and the helipad so far the weapon skins are from FPSBanana but hoping to make own any comments so far?
  2. only time its good to listen to music while gaming, is racing games, skate, Pure, GTA4 and them style games... imo
  3. is there any point added our image on here as well as e-mail-ing them in?
  4. i like the sound of this... i have a few ideas in mind.. i also have a few home made ads i made for my graphics course in college that could easily me modified... might be worth entering this
  5. man looks fooking great!!!
  6. man, loving it! are you making a female zombie too?
  7. not this week though
  8. looking good! keep up the good work team!
  9. i worked at domino's pizza for 3 years while i was at college.... pizza bores the hell out of me now lol
  10. what i was ganna say. prob better way of doing it, but harder to implement... i think
  11. im chilled out, and its fair comment really. can always improve amything
  12. yea i know, they need alot more work on details and stuff but hopefully ganna get some models made too
  13. i just love the original because it means alot to me as it really got me into gaming really
  14. haven't posted in a while, thought id bring in some media to show
  15. word....
  16. hell yea! sick joes work is wicked!
  17. damn son, i cant wait to play this, it just keeps getting better!
  18. word!
  19. high fives all round
  20. dude, hook a bruva up! lol
  21. lol knew something like that was ganna happen lol
  22. damn son! cant bloody wait :dance:
  23. are u American and obese?
  24. ah, kushty