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  1. i agree, no text and maybe less of the effects and that would look better me thinks
  2. that looks like it was made in garys mod?
  3. i was bored so i made myself a new one wat ya think?
  4. Here are some screenshots from the editor and here are the ingame shots, that are older than the editor shots. im nearly done with the layout and brushes, need to go over the texturing and then add the lighting as that will be the last thing. the only thing i havent shown is the whole inside of the main building and the sewer system as im having trouble with water as it always seem to go invisable, tried everything, but might have to re-create the areas where i want the water as there are no leaks. and i know the map aint great and i need to use hints with this map, but dont know who to sort that out properly.
  5. looking good mate, would love to try that out! the map im working on atm is my 2nd one and it needs alot of work lol
  6. show us all! you cant make a thread about a map and not actually show any material, its just not fair
  7. what would be better is the effect in resident evil 2 i think where its goes darker and then blood is smeared across the screen saying "Game Over" i think the whole classic movie mode is a poo idea lol
  8. awesome! thanx for that, helped me out alot! will get on and sort out my maps, ganna save alot of fps and vis thanx!!!
  9. my thoughts exactly, it looks damn good, but quite "blocky" kinda like my maps as im only a n00b mapper but of course alot better
  10. mines crap, doesnt fit in with the zombie theme lol anyone whos bored could have a go at a super gorey zombie sig for me GORE IS GOOD
  11. if only you could shoot the zombies in half life in RE and their legs would walk for a bit, while the torso started crawling after you, thats the main reason i loved the shotgun in Resident Evil
  12. ive never fully understood the use of func_detail, wat exactly does it do? also wats the difference between prop_static and prop_dynamic? i undserstand most of the basic aspects of mapping ,but these things confuse me
  13. who buys programs nowadays? torrents are a mans best friend
  14. this made me laugh so damn loud i distracted ppl in my comp lab at uni lol i would love a sig, or even a cartoon book by you mkoj , your a legend