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  1. looks good man, what is that sig of yours of? looks like omar and cedric from the mars volta
  2. 2ND
  3. very sexual! :dance:
  4. I think a night map looks better as lighting really makes the map and the lack of light i think im create a map to play around with areaportals, just to get to know how to use them properly and well
  5. thanx nay0r, ill be trying that when i have some free time
  6. for my map i tried adding portalwindows, area portal crashes lol... then. when i deleted them all and reverted everything back.. changed some lighting... the whole map has the black and purple tinge thingy.. i built the cube maps and still same thing... ganna play around with it more when ive finished uni as its the last 2weeks for me and a few deadlines are due
  7. my bad! i am englishman so im not round guns much lol although i have a spas12, XM177E2, Scorpion v2 and a mp5a3 all in BB lol i have 2 samurai swords too..... lets just say i like weapons lol
  8. thats what i thought, and i think that should be the case, maybe annoyng at first too n00bs but would be interesting
  9. sounds like something people would do in CS lol im a more deathmatch person - run in and blow eveyone away, or blow myself up, along with other people
  10. tommy guns are old skool - not really a fan now i am a fan of the spas-12, got me a BB version - but i think there are enough shotguns for NMRIH and a spas-12 is less common than the ones i think are being implemented. best use of spas-12 in film =
  11. this is worse than getting a spike up your ass when you got diareah
  12. id watch that! sounds good, better than most shit on tv lol
  13. the mars volta - day of the baphomets amazing bad, even better live!
  14. This is one of my favs - just taking a rest whats wrong with this pic? knife maps are fun!
  15. xzibit - LAX just a good some, only like it cos it was in NFSU2
  16. seems some1 really likes this gun
  17. totally forgot about that!!! damn only dealer being dry!!!
  18. thats fun, but so is yo mumma! also, you have to try this out with one of your mates some time! im lucky i have a crazy ass friend who lets us do stuff like that to him
  19. i totally agree. the crowbar looks really silly, especially in DM as it makes everyone look like lunatics, you can imagine then shouting madly whist wealding them lol
  20. already got a plan for CS:S, well an existing map, that need re-doing as it was very basic
  21. not sure really, dont really know if any1 would really want it for a mod as its just a DM level. after this ill prob move onto a HL2 or CS:S map. im only a begginer, so i think i should work on some basics before moving onto a mod
  22. Here are some more in game shots, just started with some of the lighting. sorry about dark areas, this is first compile with lighting, and its first time ive done proper lighting. its a kinda learn as you go thing lol tell us what ya think
  23. im just about to start a quick compile, just using basic lighting, as i will be doing that last, im just setting up light props, and going through some of the textures. its still no where near finished, but is going good so far
  24. im still working on it atm, sorting out light fixtures, then going over textures, then sorting out my water problem etc... so atm, im not compiling alot, so i just used hammer shots, will get some in game shots when i have some lighting done working on it right now actually
  25. BTW --- map is for HL2:DM