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  1. ive died a little inside
  2. ive been at uni since september, and have only been home with my mates a few times so havent really smoked since... but i am going home for summer soon, so will be getting an ounce as soon as i get home... as well as a new bmx lol between my and my mate we used to get an half ounce each a week, so a 10bag a day and used to hit bongs loads, but now its alll doobs
  3. im so hungry i could ride a horse... wait i dont get it... well i could ride the horse the the store
  4. i think ill just post a fuck load of random pics for people to enjoy lol blunts are damn goooooood lunchbox bong glass bong for a £5 more on truffles
  5. you notice the pen taped to his face????
  6. heres me and my mate when we did truffles, we turned my bike into a bread bike lol and here is our 11 chamber bong we made... with glow sticks heres my mate when we smoked up when the truffles were wearing off lol
  7. looks shite!!! i thought his sister was completely normal.... meh
  8. anyone who doesnt know who these two are... you shouldnt be here lol
  9. when im bored, i tend to imagine myself killing myself and maybe others at the time lol a few years ago, alot of shit happended to me, and i started self harm... and now i really regret it, now that i want more tattoos i feel for anyone who has done it, and even people who have tried
  10. makes you spend less on booze... for more green lol
  11. remember the old saying... beer than grass, your on your arse grass then beer, your in the clear always works for me and my mates, if anyone drinks before any smokeage that day, they will be throwing up for a while lol if im going down the pub for a few drinks with some of my smoking buddies, i have a doob before i go, so that i follow the old saying and so i dont throw up at all and its a good thing i dont drive lol
  12. blow up in radioactive explosion... only to be brought back to life as a zombie :bad:
  13. you should be able too.. makes it more fun... shooting yourself in the foot so when you kick them, you splatter there face with tons of blood lol my mate once rented a game for ps2 and it was just freerunning, it was quite good, fun for a while till youd done everything on the trick list over 1000 times
  14. ive done shrooms once.. had about 2g ... we thought it would be funny to go down the local park.... across a busy road... lucky the things didn't kick in till we were safely in the park there are a set of crappy dirt jumps and me and my mate walk other and there are these 2 kids building the jumps but they were small and looked kinda elfish like.. so we started shouting at them calling them elf's.. and then they both looked at each other and kinda cycled off with their tools quick like lol we then thought it would be funny to go for a jog round the park... about half way round i noticed a guy walking his dog, and the dog kept stopping, falling to the floor and rolling around in the dirt... and i had a huge urge to do the same... my mate had to stop me running over and joining in lol we then just chilled out in the forest bit in this park... staring at the sky, seeing light refract off everything and just talking absolute bollocks about the sky and the universe until the high wore off enough to be able to walk with some sense... back to my place at hit the bong in my garage... we then starting really tripping balls over again, but stronger. my mate was staring at the wall for ages, then kinda screamed as he thought the wall behind me had just shook like a car hit it lol... and i thought i saw a black car staring at me from my garage and every time i look into its eyes, it moved somewhere else.... was damn fun... my jaws hurt as i had been laughing and smiling all day
  15. Quick... into my time machine! well get it back
  16. i forgot to mention about the F1 driver statement... my mate smokes a pipe at red lights while driving... hes a nut! he drives nuts when sober and is exactly the same stoned... only i feel less safe for a reason lol
  17. haha true that did you ever see that smoke and drive test on tv? i saw it on youtube.... wanting to test the effects were similar to drink driving i tottaly agree with you on the violent front... if it were legalised it would def stop some larger louts starting fights outside bar, pubs and clubs on anyone even if they havent looked at them lol... my brother got knocked out once, some guy thought he was someone and went up behind him, and punched him once to the back of the head, knocked him to the floor as well as hitting his head straight out on the floor. amsterdam is so chilled out in the cafes, you get no hassle, only chilled out people who usually smile at ya when you look at them, or even start talking about random bollocks.
  18. I smoke, and i think it should stay a class C cos i believe that cannabis is a lot safer then say Amphetamines a class B. i even think cannabis is a lot better and safer than any class C drug too the government are fools!
  19. id be your partner in crime then
  20. wats this about xp and vista only able to use 3GB of ram? im thinkin of building my own pc soon with 2GB graphics 4GB RAM 3.0Ghz dual core AMD
  21. really like the film. mate suggested it to me after ichi the killer. better than 90% of films in cinema nowadays
  22. just like sex
  23. good work dude! like the effects on the second one. your first piece reminds me of something i did yonks ago... and here is my counter strike spray i made from that
  24. camera angles have to be good, the only thing that lets down SKATE is that the camera angle fucks up alot i hate it when you cant shit one way cos the camera is blocked by a small shitty wall and tbh i really hate halo, i think its the most boring shooter ive played, and played loads lol
  25. ah okay, but see what i mean...