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  1. puck
  2. was damn good you heard or seen hellsing? Gothic vampire.. very good but the classics are the best anyone know theres another DBZ real life movie coming out soon? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/
  3. i agree... nothing more freaky than a baby corpse.. well a baby zombie is freaky.. although slow lol
  4. honey
  5. there are some strange anime's out there... but the classics are the best.. such as akira which was 1988 i think, and yea ghost in the shell movie was 1995, but there are 2 series and now 3 movies. anime is better than most shit on tv nowadays anyway
  6. Chris tucker
  7. mental hospital
  8. Swarchenegger
  9. this is one of my fav threads now lol
  10. sweaty sack
  11. hahah that would be brilliant... a map set in japan with sumo zombies slowy waddling at ya
  12. hahah i love your crazy drawings.... more!!
  13. goo
  14. of course, shame about dragonball gt... was shite i prefer bleach to naruto anyways.... and my all time fav is ghost in the shell anyone else a fan of that?
  15. GAY
  16. tire marks (because i ride bmx with no brakes, use shoes as brakes lol)
  17. thats my kinda style too, although i like running in with a nade screaming lol.. like this
  18. zombies
  19. shaving gel
  20. I'm glad we don't have a gun problem in the uk... all you get is drunk chavs threatening to beat you up maybe knives, but i carry a little pocket one in my bag, just in case lol
  21. ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone
  22. George bush
  23. butt plugs
  24. Dennis the menace
  25. i think this would be efficient....