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  1. ha! i wasnt saying half life was shite, i was saying the whole idea of just givin it the source enging run over was shite. i loved it, had it on pc and ps2 lol, played opposing forse about 10 times through... loved it.
  2. pffftt.... twas shite
  3. this is what i think valve should have done for HL:Source, cos that was shite, i didnt see any difference from the original, and it cost $$$ cant wait though!!!
  4. my computer dont like being turning off (thought id stop the fighting this way lol)
  5. well we have HL2:episode 3 to wait for myladios.... lets see where the story goes from there
  6. i looked it up... Novel Released
  7. is there a GOW graphic novel? cos that may be interesting... for storyline purposes
  8. i love the metal gear solid games... but 4's storyline was a bit OTT and i have to say, ive never gotten into final fantasy as they just bore the hell out of me... like halo, and i love FPS lol
  9. best games out so far mate!!! and yea, skate 2 isnt out till january... but its ganna be hella good lol
  10. i want this game!!!! even more than nmrih
  11. dark_veil...teaching you the ropes.... its ganna be shit
  12. what shit?
  13. hahaha fucking epic!!! loved it!!!
  14. i like the fact you can download games onto your hard drive, but the avatar thing sucks, trying to hard to be like the wii. also the new dashboard looks too.... empty really. i like my GOW background atm. im hoping you can change the background and shit too.
  15. haha couldnt say it better myself!
  16. do they still have the media for it? and was it ever completed??? i very much dout u'll get it as there has yet to be a media release in...... erm.... way to long lol
  17. i second that, its been way too long, the only thing thats changes on website is the homepage l0ol
  18. yo muma!
  19. shippuden has now gone into fillers and it fucking sucks , at least its not as bad as the fillers in the first series any one seen the newest movie? glad they did a shippuden movie, the others kinda sucked!
  20. wat a laugh lol
  21. every god damn film ever
  22. poker
  23. childhood (its a childhood film)