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  1. "man... did you have to fart during a photo shoot????"
  2. hahah brilliant. this one is nowereas good as ninja
  3. i definatly 2nd that
  4. i just think you need to keep some shit to yourself... in your head where it belongs
  5. quit all this wineing... you need something to take your mind off it... here... try the new guitar hero
  6. im waiting....
  7. hhahahaha brilliant!!!! i got millions of these lol
  8. i love the xzibit motivational posters lol
  9. xzibit should be all over this
  10. Nigga Made Pizza!!! lol
  11. bit too late mate
  12. i hate the mornings after though.... every new years i get way too pisssed and end up in bed the entire next day lol. 2 years ago i had an ambulance called out for me which was rather funny lol
  13. mmm.... then try tracing this image... lol
  14. you have wayyyyy to much spare time on your hands lol
  15. that guy is a douch! RAGE at fucking christians who try and disprove science!!! fucking idiots
  16. everyone is way too angry here... smoke the herb and chill out lol oh and btw, n00b cannon... i love your sig...
  17. thats distrubing! halo 3 is shite anyways lol
  18. oh so very true!
  19. preach it brotha!!! AMEN
  20. lol i cant belive it attracted that many people... its fucking retarted... if that happened in actual ireland... people wouldnt even congregate, cos even the irish are smarter lol
  21. im so good at working out i can bench press your mum! :lol:
  22. agreed!!!
  23. i have to say, FarCry 2's multiplayer is alot more fun than the single player at times.. more fast paced
  24. they better not charge, but if they do, it better not be over like £5
  25. jayathecat... you sig says it all