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  1. im loving it! this mod is slowly getting there
  2. heres the box ingame, rotating and all, even with a game_text added to it
  3. WIP of weapons box for Socom
  4. Added simple VR mission to start the game, then leads to dock and helipad, got search lights working, and placed some sentrys in. also created floating and rotating weapons
  5. i think im ganna leave this so far and work on the next area now. needs improvement, but i want to create more areas then focus on such a small area here are some improvements. btw, ive got the spotlight moving but its not showing any lights for it. i think its cos its encased in glass and a custom texture
  6. yea thats what i wanna do, but its ganna be hard to implement. im keeping it 1st person atm though, but want to use 3rd person if i ever get round to skinning snake. think im ganna implement iron sights if i leave it 1st person. cheers for the heads up, ill keep it shhh. i may not realease it, but have as a work project really.
  7. ive copied over the v and w models from cs:s into my mod folder, and ive edited the txt files so the player uses the USP from CS:S and not hl2, but its help on the left hand, and not the right, as you can see the muzzle flash and bullets come from the right hand side i really just want to use some cs:s weapons for my hl2 mod as i cant model or code very well, and the cs:s models are perfect for what i want can any one help?
  8. cheers maxx, just got some, had one weapon i needed exactly, but im still needing a famas for hl2, so im ganna have to recompile the model and adjust the qc. ill post here if i have any troubles as im shite at coding lol
  9. cheers for the responce maxx, ive pretty much looked for the past few days on the entire web. the animations aint to bad, when i fire, the gun fires fine, its just the rate of fires off. its just the guns are left handed, and its really pissing me off, i cant use the cl_righthand 1 code like in counter strike. really stuck on this
  10. looks great mate! are you just doing the head? or we ganna see the body soon?
  11. ive found a few tutorial on actually modifying existing models and stuff.... but i know this is a n00b question.. where are the actual mdl files? i actually cant find any models in windows explorer to edit. the model viewer finds then, but i cant actually find them on my pc? any help?
  12. its all good. i think ive found a way to do it, its the other way round tutorials say to do it, but seams to be working so far im changing the metrocop texture atm, trying to get a genome soldier skin on there, might be a laugh
  13. cheers for that, just got it, im trying to set up the mdl decompiler... and im using vista i get this error "Warning: falling back to auto detection of vconfig" (Windows Vista) Vtex will give the following error: and the wiki page says to do this... Make a shortcut for vtex.exe and add -game [path to game directory] Example: -game c:/steam/steamapps/username/counter strike source/cstrike If there are spaces in any of the folders in youre path use " Example: -game "c:/steam/steamapps/username/counter strike source/cstrike" i cant add anything to the the shortcut to fix this, im trying to edit a model from hl2 found at C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\rapsam90@hotmail.com\half-life 2\hl2 i try changing the target and start in properties to -game "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\rapsam90@hotmail.com\half-life 2\hl2" and -game C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\rapsam90@hotmail.com\half-life 2\hl2 does work, doesnt let me save the shortcut... what do i do>?
  14. i want a craptastic desktop blackground drawn!!!
  15. im a brit and i fooking hate tea! give me some god damn coca cola and im ready to take on an army of zombie lol
  16. looks sweet mate. i did a 3d bust for my uni course with a 2000 tripoly limit and mine looked like kryten lol. cant wait to see this finished mate
  17. they want to holywood-ise Old Boy with will smith..... whats going on????
  18. i thought it was a metal gear spin off at first lol
  19. i like this idea, its better if its already set up, say in a security room, showing cameras around the building, but this could cause all players to just camp this area and not explore the entire maps themselves
  20. a media realease would make me cum in my pants right there and then!
  21. totally agree. if im stuck on life support and its basicly slowing down my death, id rather die unplugged but with so much morphine i go out happy lol
  22. lol.... its all lies!!!
  23. you said it. i really didnt think much of the first one at all, so i will have a go at the new one to see if it is any better as it should be
  24. Bye

  25. lol

    still aint ganna be as good as nmrih was ganna be lol...