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  1. what about asking permission to modify or would that be really taking the piss?
  2. s'all good man... one comment... can u try and use a 420girl??? lol will add an extra *zing* to it
  3. i wanted too but the last mgs mods stoped production so not sure if its a good thing, even if its all bollocks lol
  4. a better update... im slowly working on lights, but im just trying to "fill in" the areas
  5. my bad guys. ill be patient
  6. no media at all??? shame
  7. exactly! thats why i started creating these maps, when they are completed, i hope to achieve the same mood and depth into the maps as it is in the game
  8. damn son! progressing faster than ever though! cant wait! its been along wait but it will be worth it
  9. really liking it mate! wish i could model like that
  10. ganna do own model with turret removed like in the original, i might put em both straight, depending on how the turret looks on its own
  11. i want one with boobs, weed and money....
  12. i think thats what they be doing dude
  13. im liking it! cant wait for more media
  14. a few updates in one i thought... havent updated it here... been posting this on interlopers aswell also ive replaced the snow wall texture with a rock wall with snow on it, cant really see in this pic, but it does work better still need to do alot more work on outside area
  15. yea twin snakes was good, but it just wasnt the same. the graphics were improved, but the story and feel was slightly different
  16. im liking what i see right nar
  17. thats the plan hopefully lets hope kojima doesnt rape me for it... might play out dif to mutes sig
  18. so uve been following for a while and joined to post this? read about mate... weekly updates now, they are working hard towards this, they arent going to realease a beta if they think it wont do the mod justice, it would put ppl of it when they do release a proper beta. just be patient
  19. i aint seen that shit, but thats crazy lucky bastard!
  20. gigidy!!! lol ill post an updated version soon
  21. not too bad, just think the text is very... plain really. doesn't really stand out
  22. i wasnt saying it isnt.. just looks very similar.. but it would though.. as its realistic my bad maxx
  23. here are some updated pics, only minor tweaks. will post new stuff soon hopefully. see if u can notice my basic custom textures
  24. looks good! dumpster look like ones in cs:s damn i wish i could create custom textures efficiently and actually be good lol
  25. bring on the beta!