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  1. Yeah, pretty lame that mediafire what a piece of shit can't even upload a big size file.
  2. War Z, private servers hosting is coming tomorrow. Thank god you son of a bitch so long hackers/cheaters piss off lol no worries 'bout douchebags anymore geez! http://forums.playwarz.com/showthread.php?118086-Server-Rentals Patch 1.1.0 http://forums.playwarz.com/showthread.php?115801-Patch-Notes-2-12-13 Sergey Titov's wife is directing a [War Z, Day One] live short action film gotta love those movies: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2657152/ Previous dev diaries http://forums.playwarz.com/showthread.php?115677-Dev-Diary-2-8-13 http://forums.playwarz.com/showthread.php?111159-Dev-Diary-2-1
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcYtsKhnXcE
  4. What a great live-action fan based short film you made, I didn't thought no one would actually do that kind of stuff.
  5. "[CS_Assault official map]" in (CS: GO), my favorite from Source.
  6. I highly doubt that they used the same voice actors so no don't think so meh.
  7. Gym clothes for exercising?
  8. What an epic trailer. *SPOILER!!*
  9. I've already suggested the ice pickaxe tool in 1.07 wishlist, page 1, The Walking Dead's wiki weapons both guns and melee types. It's really up to Maxx if he is going to add these in the mod or not. It'll be an excellent choice of combat against those freaks.
  10. Look at that impressive lighting shining out of the windows. The picture's quality has an old classic style-ish horror movie pretty amazing I say.
  11. Lack of HD on that video, (720p or 1080?) I rather give you this than Far Cry III but I dunno yet still deciding.
  12. Final Fantasy? No not that game it doesn't fit in this mod lol, Dino Crisis map in NMRIH seems okay and interesting being put in a trapped place in the jungle or an stranded tropical island middle of nowhere cut off from the nice blue waters of ocean instead of dinosaurs but with zombies.