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  1. I have a 75 % Off Coupon for Portal 2 that I'm willing to give away for free. Just leave a comment.
  2. Sure thing!
  3. Here are some servers from my history: 27035 27015 27029 27015 27015 27025 27015 27015 27015 27015 27015 30075 27015 27030
  4. Black ops? The Call of duty game? Sounds like it might be a problem you better ask about on the Steam forums.
  5. I second the crossbow.
  6. Hmm.. Mass Effect? A criminal in a semi-realistic medieval setting constantly pursues what he should not.
  7. Crysis? Lone man fights alien oppressors while zombies in lab-coats roam the streets of an enclosed city.
  8. At the table This guy didn't go out like a man... Party on boys! Impaled by assault rifle, that's a new one.
  9. Great trailer indeed!
  10. , a designer at work.

  11. I got Crysis Warhead for PC twice by accident... Still don't know what to do with my second copy.
  12. DeviantArt had their funny "Mandatory Cat Education" where random pieces of art would quickly change their thumbnails to Cat-related posters an when you hovered over them with your mouse, a random cat fact would pop up.
  13. I loled. Good point about the ammo.
  14. Insane this is
  15. Skyrim already felt like an MMO to me. Loads of dumb characters to talk to, countless of pointless quests and a leveling system that takes up a billion hours of your precious time.
  16. I let the council die during my Renegade playthrough in ME1 but still got the support of the Salarians in ME3, just by tricking the Krogan into thinking I cured the genophage.
  17. And she still turned out like crap...
  18. Well I'm just hoping for something that gives me some more closure. I would love to have played the games from star to finish again but as it is now, I just can't.
  19. Yep, not gonna add much to this thread since Riley summed it up pretty good but the ending of ME3 is very disappointing... Full of plot holes and not to mention it was something no one wanted to see anyway. Wonder what BioWare are thinking now... "What have we done...?" should be it as they are watching the rest of their company fall apart while the EA business empire is taking over... Still, I'm blaming BioWare just as much as EA for this. I can live with this ending but it sure means I'm not a Mass Effect fan anymore. This is sad.
  20. I could totally shoot that dog.
  21. The gascan got stuck here for some reason in Chinatown. The other player had thrown it over the barricade but we were unable to pick it up.
  22. I also signed the Google petition earlier today. https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ Long live a free internet.
  23. Here are some gifs I made:
  24. Happy new year everyone!
  25. If have a question about the "realism mode". What exactly does it do? Is the idea that it should make the game harder? Because from my point of view, more realism would only make the game easier, for example: zombies wouldn't be able to kill you by just swinging their arms around a few times, unless they were going at it for a couple of hours. I really like the idea of realism but what is the point of having a "realism mode" in a game that already aims to be as realistic as possible? I also added a simple poll just to find out what most of you think should be improved in the next release. And since this is my first real post on this forum, let me just say: Way to go devs! I've enjoyed this mod quite a lot, in fact, with as little time as I have it's the only thing I've played for weeks (apart from one TF2 clan match).