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  1. Here are some servers from my history: 27035 27015 27029 27015 27015 27025 27015 27015 27015 27015 27015 30075 27015 27030

  2. Example: Why did I just die for no reason? Thresher maw. If thermal clips are universal, how can I be out of ammo for one gun but not the other? Thresher maw. And shouldn't I regenerate ammo just by letting the gun cool down? THRESHER MAW. And if my wristwatch can generate a giant blade in half a second, then why can't my gun just-THRESHER MAW.

    I loled. Good point about the ammo.

  3. I think you get less potential support from the alien races (especially if you finished ME1 with a renegade ending by letting the council die)

    For example, you probably lose the chance to get help from the Salarians if you choose to help the Krogan since by that time the Salarian Councilor is pretty much space dust and can't overrule the bitchy Salarian Dalatrass lady

    I let the council die during my Renegade playthrough in ME1 but still got the support of the Salarians in ME3, just by tricking the Krogan into thinking I cured the genophage.

  4. I don't get how you can have trouble with the Geth/Quarian conflict, I winged it through my first playthrough without a guide and managed to

    resolve their war with peace by yelling at the Quarian admirals and Geth forces; the important things I did were to keep Tali from getting exiled and doing Legion's loyalty quest in ME2, I rescued Admiral Zaal'Koris from the Geth and convinced him to head back to the fleet, I stopped the Geth Fighter base and helped Legion realign the corrupt Geth + I made a speech on how the Geth were just as living as Organics were, and there was a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember doing

    Oh and I kicked Admrial Han'Gerrel in the dick for shooting the Geth Dreadnought while I was still on it :D

    As for the Character DLC already being on the disc, it's really just the guy's model and a few voice files; the DLC you download has the brunt of the content that's required (the side quests and a lot more dialogue and other things). They did the same in ME2 for Kasumi Goto and I don't really recall people making such a shitstorm over that lol

    Hellroom you might as well get the game if you have a save file from ME2, it's the best in terms of gameplay and the story is pretty good

    As for the endings for ME3 there's

    a theory on where Shepard is possibly hallucinating the entire sequence after she gets blasted by Harbinger's laser beam before she reaches the Conduit esque device to the Citadel; when she 'wakes up' on the Citadel she's a bit indoctrinated by that time (she wakes up and hears ominous whispering and so on, signs that the Reaper indoctrination is taking its toll). This probably explains why she seems so content to just accept the few choices that the Catalyst AI gives her, the AI is trying to get her to choose to either control the Reapers or to combine synth and organic life forms together in a last ditch effort to stop the destruction of the Reapers.

    And basically whatever she 'chooses' to do will happen, but if Shepard was stubborn enough to defy the Catalyst AI and choose to destroy the reapers + was stubborn enough to unite the whole of the Galaxy to be extremely prepared for the Reapers, she wakes up for real by the Conduit device right after she got blasted by Harbinger and the battle is still raging on

    Maybe that sounds more convoluted than a Metal Gear game but it probably means that Bioware wanted to make a more definite and less confusing finale but did not have time to jam it in before release so they're finishing it up in a form of some DLC (free or paid, no clue)

    There's some files in the game that help back up the idea in that there was supposed to be something bigger for the endings; for example script and some audio files show that Joker was supposed to fly in with the Normandy and save Shepard and company by blasting Harbinger with a Thanix Cannon since Reapers are extremely vulnerable ground side.

    tl:dr ME3 suffered from the same problem that KotoR2 had, they could not get the content they wanted in before release so they both had shitty endings, however ME3 can fix that with post launch patches and DLC

    Well I'm just hoping for something that gives me some more closure. I would love to have played the games from star to finish again but as it is now, I just can't.

  5. Yep, not gonna add much to this thread since Riley summed it up pretty good but the ending of ME3 is very disappointing... Full of plot holes and not to mention it was something no one wanted to see anyway.

    Wonder what BioWare are thinking now... "What have we done...?" should be it as they are watching the rest of their company fall apart while the EA business empire is taking over... Still, I'm blaming BioWare just as much as EA for this.

    I can live with this ending but it sure means I'm not a Mass Effect fan anymore. This is sad.

  6. I well I didn't get a chance to try the new NMRiH until today so sorry for the late response.

    Here are my thoughts on the new release:

    First of all I must say, wow! it is really hard now compared to the old version. The look of the game is different too. It will take some time to get used to this.

    How the zombies react seems more zombie-like, they are now a horde rather than a bunch of slowly walking statues. This is good, creepy as well. Though the first problem I noticed was that, on Broadway, all the zombies quickly block the two exits. You might want to redesign the map a bit so that the player spawn points are not anywhere near a large group of zombies, or the zombie spawn points aren't close to the hideout.

    Becoming trapped between two groups of zombies is something that happens quite often now and I still think the zombies do way to much damage flinging their arms around. Maybe, now that the zombies act in groups rather than on their own, you can have the zombies walk over you as they move towards you instead of loads of zombies hitting you with their arms (let's face it, a zombie would have to go at it for at least an hour before they actually kill you with their arms).

    The new sounds are great, much more real. I also like that the maps are slightly different.

    This version is not perfect, as Raserisk said, you might have created more problems while solving many of the old ones. Though I'm sure the next release will be much better and more balanced. Keep up the great work! :)

  7. I'm still waiting for Desura to update the game, with my slow internet connection right now, I cannot download the whole thing all over again. However if it takes to long, I'll probably try downloading the torrent.