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  1. Hey all, old vet here just wanting to give some feedback on survival mode. I am leaving objective mode as that seems fine, other than needing randoms weps and items on all maps, not just chinatown. Instead the purpose of this thread is to suggest some, imo, much needed changes to survival mode, since currently it just isn't working. Survival mode needs to emphasis survival. Not defend some magical zone, not run around the map in circles wasting everyone's time, but true survival. Here is how I believe NMRIH can come much closer to achieving this. 1) First off removed Northway from survival. Its simply too damn awesome, and I would much rather see it as an objective map. 2) Reduce all the exteriors for flooded, favela and Isolated to the point where the maps are significantly smaller. In isolated they should be a house, with a small path leading around it. In flooded you have the two buildings, with the exterior roofs, and no grassy/water areas that you can traverse. Favela, I honestly don't know, that map needs a big rethink. The reason for doing this, is that the point of surivival is to force the players to feel that they NEED to barricade, defend and give up ground as slowly as possible. If you give players the option to run around outside, avoiding the worst of the hordes, you destroy that need. Reduce the outer 'exploration areas' to the bare minimum. 3) Supply drops come in at a set place, every 2 rounds with randomised drops. On flooded I would say, either of the roof tops, on isolated, the roof top outside bit out back. Remove the need for the flare gun - It was a nice idea, but I think it will be better if its just used as a weapon instead. Ammo should be scarce, and players should feel they need to save the round for the runners. 4) Assuming these steps are followed, we now have a survival situation where players can't run around avoiding the zombs, and instead have to fight. Given the lack of outer areas, the zombies won't get lost or stuck so easy, and you can really create an overwhelming feeling on dread, as zombies press in on every entry point to the building. 5) Fix barriacading so that all entry points have 3 cade points, none of which obscure headshot. Anyhow these are my thoughts on, what could potentially be the showcase mode of NMRIH.
  2. PROS: Excellent map, great combination of search and defend Barricade system is great Helicopter drops are a great idea CONS: Constant crashes. Maybe a quick bug fix patch? Hard to judge fairly when it almost always crashes House Health system needs changing (See Suggestions) Getting stuck on boards needs fixing Not enough ammo to survive first 3 waves (See Suggestions) Meleeing units at barricade is currently suicidal Suggestions: 1) Rather than have a house health system, instead why not have 3 npc survivors in each of the houses. They can be wounded and the zombies can be drawn to them, giving the player a justifiable reason to defend the houses. The house health replenishment system can simply be changed to health for the npc survivors. 2) Have all the guns at the start operate like those from the chopper, i.e. they come with nigh on full ammo. This will stop the problem of guns and ammo not syncing up, and prevent hoarders from diminishing the team's initial surivival chances. 3) Maybe have the chopper come at the end of every other round, dropping gradually better and better weapons. Start with pistols and melee, and work up to M4s and MP5s. I think this would make sense with the way the zombie numbers scale. Anyway great update, can't wait for more!
  3. AH hopefully that will work! Unfortunately the d/l link is broken though. Any mirrors?
  4. Well same problem, directly extracted the map and it must be a dud d/l. Will try re-downloading...
  5. Also got the same problem - will try a re-install and post back.
  6. I am about to get really really high.
  7. Isn't Pablo the drug dog for cocaine? Think its Mitchell's voice. I some too much at the moment, i'm stoned every night after work, but thats the way it is. I actually manage to maintain a semi-decent social life and have a 'casual' relationship with a friend which is proving to be awesome (Stoned sex > normal sex) but I have been smoking non-stop for 3 years now and I can tell you first hand that a dependancy can form if you findyourself easily addicted to things (for me it was the smoking that led to heavier weed use). Whilst it isn't a harmful drug, it does have noticable long term effects so use in moderation. Then again life is stressful so wtf just smoke up and roll with it. But i'm a stoner so that is what I would say.
  8. Yeah well basically Britain went into and conquered Palestine and the League of Nations then created a mandate to justify what we had done. Britain was hoping to control the whole immigration process to keep it acceptable to the local population but WW2 very much fucked up our plans prompting another hasty withdrawal and the conquering of 95% of Palestine by the Israeli army.
  9. Absolutely right, but the real question is why would Israel share power? They may suffer insurgent attacks but they can annihalate resistance as they have done again and again. They have the support of the US so they are safe from any foreign attack and by their exploitation of the second class Palestinian workforce they can remain econonically powerful. So the solution? There are 3 in my opinion. 1) Supply the Palestinians with enough weapons to force a better deal. Completelu reckless and would most likely result in mass civilian death and potential invasion and conquer by a neigbour. 2) Another states invades and delcares all people in Israel and Palestine as second class. As a result an alliance is formed between the Jews and Muslims which defeats the invasion and potentially creates a fairer state. Requires a state to invade (Unlikely as hell) with enough power to defeat the legendary Israeli army. 3) The world ignores them and over the generations inter-breeding between the two peoples creates one state due to the inability to distinguish between races. Takes a lot of time and no international intervention. Actually it was a UN mandate which Britain did not agree with. Also the British Mandate goes back to 1917 in which "His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."
  10. Whilst I fully understand we're owed nothing and L4D has sort of taken over as the engine to go on, I find it disapointing that cs just posted the same line as has been fed to us for 4 years. I'm not really here for the community unfortunately, not enough free time I wish to commit, I was always here for the mod. I will check back on this from time to time, but I think this is the point where I will officially stop following the mod. Its been a wicked dream for these last few years and I wish all the best to all the staff and everyone else. Peace out.
  11. But i'm too poor to buy a microphone This game is fucking evil, expert is kicking my skinny white ass all over the shop.
  12. Happy birthday bra. Get your ass on L4D :+)
  13. Still haven't countered my argument
  14. Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking 20 a day for 3 years to nothing in one day. My best book ever.