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  1. I can't post? Weird...

  2. From what fresh hell did you come from that has provided such a vibrate cluster FFFF of beauty? NMRiH map, out near mount everest. Hills, paths, old buildings, zombies. Bright blue, cold, and scary.
  3. The highschool should be a lot cleaner. I mean who the hell would go to a school in a zombie outbreak unless the evacuation center was in the gym? And even then they would have just locked all the other doors and only the public spots would be trashed.
  4. Hello, I am in college at the moment, but I have some spare time that I could work on making a truck model & interior if you want. I am a basic modeler, but I think I could put something together. I also have some ideas. Your objective is always gas. have a math counter for the gas min and max and when the truck is moving lower it and if there is no gas then the truck stops and when the gas enters the truck it adds to the math counter. And to prevent people from camping in the truck and not dieing, since your going to block zombies getting in, make a trigger hurt in the truck that turns on for a second when the truck takes damage from a zombie. But you would need to find a way to make zombies attack the truck or just make zombies near the doors a bad idea. Or just let them in the truck. Well if you like the offer add me. id/fire451
  5. Oh my... This looks really good! I feel like maybe you could fill the sewer and more places with more props or trash and leave decals a bit more. Besides that it just needs good objectives.
  6. Yes, I took it from CSS. But I fixed it up to work. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fire451/screenshot/596953697681743444 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fire451/screenshot/596953697681744664/? I use blender. It's nice.
  7. We need: Big Buff Tall Black Men Extremely Hot Girls ( black, asian, White ) And can we have a guy with a prosthetic arm? He would be awesome.
  8. ZOMBIE VIEW: When you die your view stays in first person and then you helplessly watch as your now zombie body chases down your friends. The zombies are still A.I. and you get and interesting perspective. SEVEN LEVELS OF HELL (map idea): A six story apartment complex or something like that. You start on the top and there are many different paths down. -Elevator ( Sometimes works or is dead ) A. When working it will only work once and randomly take you too one of two floors or take you to the basement full of zombies. B. When dead on one floor the door will be open and you use ladder to climb down on top of the elevator and climb inside and then to that floor. -Gas Oven( turn it on and blow a hole in the floor ) -Fire Escape( Broken from explosion, only goes down one or two floors ) -Keys ( Many locked doors and keys ) -Generator( Makes the elevator work again or start working ) -Basement ( Full of zombies & is exit or generator location or key location ) -End radio on second floor ( Escape out front door )
  9. The cure is meth? Well no one is going to live! They will get infected, do meth, trip, and kill all their friends with guns. But yes this idea is awesome, but would promote team killing...
  10. I don't understand cabin. It is all blocked up and locked up, but it's as if a ton of people where in there with a few of them bit, and then slowly they locked up the infected people in room by room till the living where in the attic. So it only makes since that there are few zombies inside, but that makes it no fun. There are too many guns. People can get out front and slaughter every zombie till there are no more. There needs to be some edge that zombies can drop into the yard from to make it more real.
  11. I'm not sure why no one has posted this idea for a fix, but. In CSS there is an option on servers to auto kick or whatever after someone kills the hostages a certain amount of times. I can understand one accidental friendly fire, but 2-3? That is if they are not infected. So how about auto slay or kick if someone team kills 2+ people that are not infected in a round or if they team kill within the first two objectives or two minutes?
  12. GLOCK18C In game replacement! I'm using this to replace colt 1911. I would love it to be a full auto Glock.18.C that uses 9mm. Because the MP5 does not spawn enough. XD http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fire451/screenshot/596953697681743444 http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fire451/screenshot/596953697681744664/? Forum does not like my images...
  13. NMO_Broadway Issues, Bugs, Glitches, and a few suggestions. Bugs: 1. Manager office door won't open. Codes 9247 & 1854 both do not work. 2. Many doors are set to auto open or not auto open. It is very inconsistent and causes a lot of people getting stuck in doors. 3. People getting stuck in the stairs you rebuild. Issues: 1. The lever at the end has such a large spawn range people have trouble finding it sometimes and wander around till death. 2. On the order, Hotel -> basement -> sprinkler -> office -> finish, the map can be beaten faster than most routs in cabin. 3. With the shotgun always spawning outside the spawn room to the right I found standing in the spawn pointless and kept rushing to it and then speeding through the map. Suggestions: 1. Standardize all doors that have locks to break off to either auto open or stay closed. 2. Basement Suggestion: -Connect the bottom of the bar to the bottom of the hotel by maintenance ally or just a room connection. -Make stairs missing when you enter so you can't back track and leave. -Turn the stairs you rebuild to either a ladder or a locked door where you hunt for the key. -Allow the "Don't Open" door to break open and flood zombies a little bit after entry or have the board be required to rebuild the stairs. -"Don't Open" room can either be pitch black with a player block and flooding zombies or an underground parking area full of zombies.