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  1. I tried all the above remedies like everyone else with no avail. Then a dev told me to delete only the config folder. I restarted steam, re-authorized my pc via email and it works fine. I dont know how long it will fix it but it is the only thing which worked 100% The problem must lie in having to reauthorize our pc's
  2. *post deleted*
  3. Deleting config.efg didnt work, vid settings still arent saving. I deleted it and restarted the game, a new config was created, but no luck. I have full permissions and made sure all of nmrih was not read-only/hidden. XP
  4. Deleting the config_default file didnt fix, and its not read-only.
  5. Heya, if you want to add me on Steam, my profile name is "mikomdude". Otherwise just copypaste "[JSSG] Λdmiral Skeybar" That should do it. =)

  6. Sup, how do you add people on steam nowadays, It seems you havta know their exact name, whereas before you have a "recently played with" history

  7. Every time I play I have to change all the advanced video settings to medium to avoid crashing when a zombie grabs me. I don't mind playing in medium settings, but it is annoying to do this every time I run the game. ( which is frequent because I crash every time I, or the server, changes level) (I already tried all the 'fixes' in the forums)
  8. Hi, what's up? I remember seeing you ingame a few times while playing. =)

  9. Thank you
  10. It may be a dumb question, but how do I place chainsaw fuel. In Hammer, there is no ammo_fuel or anything and the random ammo spawner doesn't have fuel as an option. Weird.
  11. In nmo_chinatown at least, if a griefer/idiot throws the gas can (or anything including guns) on the top shelf, Its impossible to get down, and the game goes on until players leave or kill themselves. I presume this would be possble on any tall shelf/object. Items are a bit too difficult to pick up anyways. They should be a bit easier. (In the pic Im jumping up in mid air to take a screen, the shelf isnt that short)
  12. Lol this post made me imagine zombies on segways. Cue Benny Hill music.
  13. NMRIH really doesnt need a dozen types of pistols, SIG-this and H&K-that, the 92/1911/revolver is fine as it is and well balanced. A ton of different guns just confuses people more and is a rip from ZPS. If you really want your gold plated thingamagig then create a custom skin for it.