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  1. Could it be that you are running vista? I heard vista is not a good windows.
  2. what is the difference from bash?
  3. 5.Decrease the zombie grab and attack range.A zombie could attack me even if im like 7 feet away were you playing on high latency server?
  4. I have this problem too... sometimes it just don't show any server. guess its a steam issue?
  5. have you install the hot fix? btw the dxlevel launch option only need to be exist before the first launch, so your settings won't be reset
  6. Issues that I found quite annoying: 1. When you bash under iron aim stat, the stat don't interrupt. If you're using revolver you screwed. 2. Some objects can be stand on and some can't be when they supposed to be available 3. When you stand on object, if zombie climb on it, you ALWAYS get stucked
  7. personally i think the pills are quite pointless. Its nearly impossible to survive till the end by taking pills after infection, so having them or not doesn't matter at all.. I read the wiki page, it says after infection you should make best use of your remaining life time, so the pills should be made for extending life time to achieve this purpose. But what can you do anyway? Dropping weapons and ammo for your teammates? They drop automatically when you died. Killing as much zombies as you can? How much can you kill anyway.. And in my acknowledge they spawn infinitely. Clear path for teammates? When you finally go down on the path you just become a threat. So the best thing you can do is either run the opposite direction or ask your teammate to kill you. What do the pills help at all?
  8. man I just realized I typed the wrong map. It should be Broadway. Is there any way to change topic name?
  9. 1. Out of reach problem 2. Lever become very hard to take at the spawn location other than the place shown in the above image
  10. I'm going to be honest too : this mod is quite boring when it first come out and at 1.01 version, cause the lack of challenging, and zombie's poor track ability. I think it changed pretty good in the current update.
  11. I'm happy to see the difficulty enhancement The game now can keeps me busy, unlike before. In some situation you need to make decision and act fast or you gonna have a hard time, like the start of broadway, if hesitate behind the first gate too long the path could be blocked by large horde real fast.
  12. not enough testers?
  13. try reinstall? or redownload the full version?
  14. why would you need that much weapons...you don't get how to play this mod do you? all you need to do is slip past the hordes.. why would you ever try to kill any of the slow ones? It just make your life much harder. why would that brave guy try to block the hordes? He just need to lead the horde to a side, then 3 of you would be fine