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  1. I have no idea what happened but I can no longer compile models for nmrih (1.06) I just get " WARNING: AppFramework : Unable to load module p4lib.dll! Can't find steam app user info. " But it was working fine just a few weeks ago... I'm just gonna assume the last sdk update broke compiling or some how some stupid config setting got changed somewhere without my knowledge but I've been trying to compile for a few hours trying all sorts of thing and it just wont work anymore T_T Don't mean to go all noob but I got no other choice to just ask "So how do you go about setting up GUIstudio for nmrih (1.07) ?"
  2. What I'm trying to do is have a snow texture displayed over the first base so I don't have to make multiple .vtf's for every wall color to save space. Side note: The new forum won't let me edit my post,It deosn't save the changes just sais edited but nothing is different.
  3. Nothing happens second texture wont show up "lightmappedtwotexture" { "$basetexture" "nmrih/metal/bu_metal004d" "$basetexture2" "frostbite/FWtest" "%keywords" "frostbite" "$surfaceprop" "metal" "$bumpmap" "frostbite/MwallN_02" } Just to make sure "lightmappedtwotexture" lets you have 2 diffuses overlapping on non displacement brushes right?
  4. Deos any one know how to use this material type? I can't seem to figure out how to get "$texture2" to work
  5. How about you have a pipe system on the roof or wall connecting the sprinklers,when you enter the room the sprinklers are already on ( because IRL the sprinkler system would have already been activated) but the pipe connected to the sprinkler by the fire is busted and just pooring water on the ground so all the sprinklers from there on would be off,you then have to turn a crank to stop the flow of water then go to a janitor closet and grab a pipe to replace the broken one,use the wielder on it then turn the crank again to start the water flow again through the fixed pipe allowing the water to get to the rest of the spinklers putting the fire out.
  6. Cool thanks! Throwing works now,as for the flashlight machette model this is what I'm talking about
  7. I's it possible to make your own breakable door models (with damage models) and use them or can you only use the one right now?
  8. A few things I found. -The flashlight for the machetty model has the wrong smoothing group,its set to flat/hard (depending on your modeling program) instead of soft/smooth. -The wrench deosnt let you use the flashlight with it if your supposed be able to,but it also deosn't switch to the flashlight when you press "F" nothing happens. -Zombies attack eachother when they get bunched up. (It's kinda funny..) -I can't seem to throw weapons,I tried holding down "G" but nothing happens untill I release it then I just drop the weapon.I used the 1.05 to 1.06 patch,gonna try the full install and see if it works.
  9. I thought that 2009 was free also? Any chance of using 09 on the steamworks release?
  10. not a fan of the idea of starting kits,it would throw off the survival aspect and feeling that you are the character. I would much rather have items that are randomly given at spawn based on teams survival,say every time the map is completed the next round there is a 5% chance of starting with a random item (medicine,ammo or weapon) for every player based on how many survived (for every survivor there is a extra 5% added) so if only 1 player completes the map then next round (or map change) every player has a 5% chance of starting with a random item,If all the players survived there is a 40% chance for each player to start with a item. It makes things a little more interesting and rewards teamwork.
  11. Did you change the skin number in HLMV? It deosn't replace the default skin it adds another one that randomly gets picked ingame
  12. beta release! DOWNLOAD Installation:extract into your source mod folder
  13. Oh yea was gonna keep this a surprise but what the hell,
  14. Just got a few small things to finish, It is a model itself of a recompiled Julie because I found that random skins are chosen so when I release it, it basically adds a new zombie with out having to replace any other ones,so instead of a skin or model replacement it's kinda like a mini mod? On a side not I found that only skins 1-4 are chosen. If the model deosn't have the skin number then it reverts to the first skin,so in order for 2 skins to have a 50/50 chance to be selected I have to double each skin (skin 1+2 Julie,skin 3+4 Camille) It would be nice if there was a scipt file for zombie skin amounts individual to the model, perhaps it could be in the npc_nmrih_shamblerzombie type files? It definatly would be nice to be able to have more than 4 skins so I could also add these The model also has some extra features like LOD models for the head Gib and Lod bone collapse. All of the zombies are using there full skeleton for rendering at all LOD's,and there's alot of bones in the hands I recommend using something like this for more optimization