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  1. I wasn't trying to make it impossible to figure out just wanted to make you work for it a bit. Anyway what infamous Howard has slandered my name?
  2. I think mine wins.
  3. I've never played a CoD game before however I enjoy unscripted games more than the linear, minimum freedom and pre-placed enemies crap. NMRiH is a good example (of an unscripted game) it succeeds in enemy spawns that are pretty random and there aren't any cutscene like "LOOK AT DESE EXPLOSIONS AND SHIT BOYZ!" even though the level design is quite linear. TL;DR I think unscripted games with freedom are more rewarding challenging and enjoyable (and quite frustrating at times) than heavily scripted games.
  4. From what I saw it looks like the city is the exact same as the previous one. Which is disappointing to say the least. I won't be buying it.
  5. I don't know....some of my earlier posts have been absolute shit.
  6. Yeah, just go to the "Community Hub".
  7. Sounds interesting...
  8. I think even pre-alpha would be an overstatement. And I'd rather wait till it's $30 than to take a risk at throwing $20 down the drain.
  9. Agreed. The suburban areas (from what I've seen in the two videos) are especially bad. They're basically just houses dropped on grass with some sidewalk. They don't even seem to have fences.
  10. It's a bit linear (most missions basically have you going to a certain area) and there aren't any missions the size of Blood Money's but on Purist it can be pretty punishing.
  11. Nice. Seems like a good replacement for Mediafire's bullshit. Also is there an upload limit (ie. max upload file size for one file)?
  12. hullo
  13. I am very interested in what the outcome will be in this. I'm sure it'll just end with Dorner faceless though.
  14. Don't count on it he was last active on : Oct 24 2012 01:08 AM