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  1. Well, you shouldn't have played ME3 either then.
  2. O hai!
  3. I'm still here... "Stonewalker" Machete and flashlight Usually gathering supplies in survival maps Use mic Times vary
  4. I always have the urge to pee when I brush my teeth. True story. I know that it'll go away once I'm done brushing my teeth though, so I'm like "Fuck you, body, I won't fall for that old trick again!"
  5. Without some sort of zombie collision (amongst each other), too many runners would definitely be rage-inducing, so I'm not too sure about this.
  6. Sigh. Okay, so I'm finally going to re-install Arma2 and Arrowhead, patch it up and dowload the damn mod. So far, the bugs you guys were talking about turned me off, but now my best friend wants to play, so there. Next week I'm going to join y'all.
  7. Suggested this months ago, but nobody ever listens to me except for the dressed up corpse of my girlfriend.
  8. The shrine was for someone from the dev team who died. I even remember that his first name was Miika. I also have a Max Payne cut-out (Sam Lake MP1 version) in my window (which the neighbours love). So yeah, I love Max Payne too. 1 and 2, that is. Not too sure about 3, but I haven't played it yet.
  9. There's already a thrad about grivers. This one's about the proposal for a new game mode.
  10. Haha, nice!
  11. Myra the Zombie Baby Doll
  12. Since games have become so expensive and numerous, I tend to wait for a STEAM sale as well. I mean, there's so many great games coming out all the time, and I don't have to play them at once because I still have enough other unplayed games that just came on sale, so no sweat, I can wait till the price drops to 50% or lower. The exception would be MP titles, but I realized I'm not even playing any FPS MP games anymore except for TF2 and of course NMRiH because I'm sick of high prices; pre-order and other exclusives or DLCs that give you an advantage; DLC's in general; starting out with SHIT and having to spend days to unlock better weapons and equipment while everyone else owns your ass with Level 50 orbital cannons; goatfucking bullshit like Origin, and in extension EA and Activision, who can suck my uncircumcized cock. As for Max Payne 3, I'll probably wait for a price drop as well because meh. I mean, Max Payne in sunny South America? Seriously? Apparently there's gonna be flashback levels that take place during rainy nights in New York, and THAT'S properly going to be the Max Payne 3 I'm looking for, but fuck that bold-headed bearded Bruce Willis guy in sunny South America. That part might be fun, and the technology and animations and shit look awesome, but it just won't be Max Payne. Like RE4 and 5 were great games, but not RE games in my book. May Payne has always had a Film Noire look, and that is something that should not have been changed imo. I for one believe that it would not have been too repetitive to have part 3 take part in NY as well. I can't get enough of that shit. Love Sam Lake's writing, as well. Bit cheesy at times, but I dunno. Just finished Alan Wake and realized I like what the guy is doing. He's not involved in Max Payne 3 either. Don't really care about the MP. Like I said, meh.
  13. Also, I don't see how it fits into NMRiH's concept at all. It's awesome in something like DayZ or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. where you run around for days or weeks or even MONTHS, but in NMRiH, you'll spend one hour tops on any round, and I hardly think anyone would starve to death within an hour. As a compromise, you could add food items that raise max stamina for the rest of the round, once.
  14. I know, but actually, I was thinking more along the line of scavenging parts of the map and re-using them in other maps, like that bar in the beginning of the video, or the office with the cubicles, or the municipal building or whatever. But my actual suggestion would be to make 3 maps out of it. I promise you if you give me the map so I can run around in it and check out every corner, I can come up with a document that lays out 3 complete objective maps that will even form a campaign of sorts, like in L4D. So if you're willing to hand over the map to me so I can check it out, I'll provide the document. When I was starting as a level designer on Velvet Assassin, the static levels were already done and I had to do this exact thing - figure out how to use what was there to turn it into an actual playable level with objectives and a story and shit. Granted my levels didn't make it into the final release because the game had a complete overhaul and all the levels were redone with a more streamlined gameplay >=/ (at which time I was already working on another game), but I assure you I can do this properly - I just can't actually BUILD the levels (no experience with hammer and not enough time), but what I can do is provide detailed documents on a professional level, with specific instructions, layouts and even concept art if necessary since I also studied illustration and design. I'm also of course open to ideas by the mapper himself, whom I don't regard as my minion or puppet or some shit. So if you give me a motivated mapper and the complete map, City of Dawn could be salvaged and turned into 3 maps (that work as stand-alones, but if put in the right order in the map cycle form a campaign with a story arch). It would be a shame to let this great map and it's incredible POTENTIAL go to waste, and I'm properly motivated. So if you're up for it, Darth is up for it, and a mapper is up for it - I'm up for it.