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  1. Just because you stated the creator in the README does not mean you have permission to use this file. This is called plagiarism and is actually illegal. Changing a few things in a map does not give you the right to redistribute it. I suggest you remove this download immediately and ask the creator of the map if you have permission to port his map over to NMRiH. If he sees what you have done you could get into some actual legal trouble as the map was created by Nipper and you were not given any rights to access and edit the file.
  2. I thought this was dead. Glad to hear we've just been in the dark for a couple months. Keep up the good work.
  3. Some WIP shots. More to come.
  4. Well. They could be dead or finding a great discovery as we speak.
  5. You can always track our progress on the project here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/biohazard-project
  6. Luckily it wont take 2 years for us to finish
  7. I'm sure we could get someone to do a fly-through Agatsu.
  8. Will be playing tomorrow. Thanks for including me in the Special Thanks too
  9. How many entities do you have? Try to see if there are any unnecessary ones and delete them. There is an entity cap for all maps.
  10. It's found on his page under Horror here: http://www.moddb.com/members/dire But I don't see a way to download. Maybe shoot him a PM. He is GDawgTUK.
  11. Any updates on this?
  12. I'll look for some good ambient songs. Can't wait for the release. EDIT: Here's something that could be used for ambient or for an epic ending escape scene: And here is something the newest staff member of NMRiH made: http://soundcloud.com/gdawgtuk/gdawgtuk-lemures-letum-1 It seems like a song for any purpose as long as it isn't blasting. Here's a darker ambient: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1KvmeJzdyE&feature=related And here: The second one seems more like a ambient that would fit nicely into the scenario. This piece is very ambient and would fit in almost any map: I'll keep looking
  13. Looks great. Good thing you're working on BH with us
  14. I'll see if I can dig up anything.
  15. We are going to release the RPD first as it is the farthest in production. The other two are mostly being blocked out as of now. You will not be disappointed with the RPD.