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  1. I know I'm late with this, but this is sticky worthy.
  2. I see this as an useful addition. Ammo and handguns can be lost when there are dozens of corpses lying on them.
  3. Yay, I posted about Stoeger Coach some months ago in this thread. I feel so sophisticated. Keep up the good work, gentlemen, it is apreciated. To keep to the thread: I propose batons. Yet another mediocre one-hander that is plausible to see.
  4. I want to add that adding an ability to magically turn 10 bullets into 15 bullets in a pack isn't realistic and an ability to chemically alter phalanx pills so they work for 30 more seconds just by touching them neither.
  5. Lack of them is sometimes annoying. I am not requesting to make them tunka-truck loud, but in my opinion a vigilent player should be able to tell if something is about to buttsmash his body from behind.
  6. Here obedient to their laws we lie... - Get overrun in a survival game after your group has killed at least 300 zombies. Rattenkrieg - Complete a survival map using only melee weapons If you feel pain, you are still alive - Complete a map after bleeding for at least 2 minutes total. Life has not yet perished, so long as we still live - Manage to complete a survival map after losing all of your zones.
  7. For any "squeeze" moment crouch requariement is sufficient, ex. crawling through a vent. This idea forces more animations to be made and to be honest, I can only think of DayZ when I think about zombie game with prone position. It isn't really needed.
  8. So, you want the National Guard to choose their "surivor champions" and give them extra ammo? How would they know who would headshot the most? Is counting which guy got the most kills their job when the entire world is on zombie fire?
  9. Zombie animations can sometimes look derpy, but it isn't an issue for me. Extra animations are a metric fridgeload of work and shouldn't be a priority task right now. I agree with you on the runners, though.
  10. This sounds good and is realistic, but I think it's one of these ideas that you have to test in order to truly find out how will it play out. It could make certain weapons underwhelming when the player is unexperienced or is lagging.
  11. Hi I haven't been here since 1.05. I downloaded 1.07 as I have finally checked my e-mail. I have to say that the amount of extra features, weapons, new character models, voice sets, bajillion new maps I have yet to play, more music, brand new menu and everything else made me smile. Take this virtual cookie, team:
  12. nms_night Good old 2012. The only thing that stopped me from relasing that is my computer and SDK hating me.
  13. Looks good. In my opinion you could make the outside a little darker. Everything else is just damm nice. Looking forward to see further progress.
  14. I haven't been here for a hell lot of time. I thought that I may unbury my old suggestions again since there aren't many recent posts right now. Always some new (old) life... Gas powered hammer drill. I know this is nonsesne, but come on! I am tired of chainsaws. Some variant of R700. Used by police, military - not that unbelievable. A garden hoe. Very believable and you can certainly hurt someone with it. Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver - the most popular revolver ever. Colt 1911 of revolvers. Still used all over the world. .38 special is planned anyway for Colt Detective.
  15. I haven't played ZP, but this actually sounds better than the current system.