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  1. After playing NMRH I have noticed that alot of the people do good for the whole team. Like giving pills, sharing ammo and weapons, and running off the opposite direction if their infected. Which leaves with the question, what was the most heroic thing someone done in NMRH? Mine would got to be just after you open the door in the theaters a zombie infected a guy from behind. We started talking if he got infected. He said yeah, so we asked if he wanted us to kill him. He responded with "i'll take care of it". In which he closes the door behind him and watching him head in the opposite direction(he could only close one door and the objective door was still open). That was the last I ever saw of him. Mostly cause he left in spec mode.
  2. Firemaster28, on 05 November 2011 - 01:39 PM, said: If they add the push ability to not harm users then they need collision to the players (we dont go though each and other) And, as a result, the biggest issue with player collision (players blocking doorways, objectives, ect) would be a mediated with a pushing mechanic in place. My thinking exactly. And after reading all your post i'm starting to agree with you. No matter what there will be griefers and thats a given. And playing NMRH I havent experienced that one bit, except maybe once when in cabin the welder wasn't opening the door and one person shot the welder and we all killed that guy. But that goes with what your saying about the people killing the griefer. And with this type of game it already requires anti-coop decisions such as telling if your infected. But I think this type of stuff should be left with the decisions of the user. Such as if they add a shove ability to players they don't out right say "shove your enemies into zombies!". and if they add it, then player collisions are added to. *in future development when the spawning is fixed think of this scenario Group is running to the end of the hall door, open. Runners are right behind you, the last guy is lagging behind. If the last guy goes through there is no way to close the door and zombies will spill through. in the end you would take more casualties. Or you can shove the guy back and close the door only losing one. And if I was that guy I would fully understand what happen and accept my death. Obviously not everyone will share that. But this game has shown me that people will do better for the group like letting you kill them if there infected, or running off in the opposite direction killing all the zombies they can. So maybe there is room for this mechanic here. Also on an end note the pushing mechanic doesn't have to be all anti-coop. If you see a zombie running at someone from behind and cant reach the zombie you can shove the player instead to dodge the grab.
  3. If they add the push ability to not harm users then they need collision to the players (we dont go though each and other)
  4. Since this game is going for a realistic approach hunger wouldn't cut it. Think of it in a rp scenario. Guy1: Hurry up man extraction is this way zombies are right behind us!!!! guy2: Hold on im getting hungry.*pulls out candy bar* Guy1:WTF!!!!! Theres no time!!! Extraction is leaving! Guy2: Don't judge me! Yeahh..... I don't think it would work out.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVzoyQFQcvo http://www.youtube.com/user/CharlesJ2896#p/u/6/XB6cgaE3fDU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RNfSDxbsLQ&feature=channel_video_title Some stuff I did on the summer. Haven't touched the program since.
  6. I have noticed that the their is no randomization of weapon spawning. Please tell me there will be in the future. I though it did at first when i first palyed the mod. But then I started remembering where everything is in the map. And it doesn't have the same feel when I know I stock up on a certain ammo then know exatly where the gun is each time. So will the full version have random weapon spawn and random object spawn to?
  7. ^^^ Sorry everyone is titled to their own opinion but I really have to disagree to the ghost idea. This is a zombie game and not some demon paranormal stuff. But I do like your idea of a mini game where you have to go through to get your body back. So I think it would be cool if when you die of infection you pop up in like a hallway dreamstate where you have to reach the light at the other end. And you have to dodge the zombies in the way. So its like your fighting the infection(you know how in the movies where the people who are infected have like nightmares of the dead taking over). and if your zombie char is still alive you can take over him and revive. But you still have an infection but have an extra 10 mins. After the infection takes over its to strong and you die and finally become a zombie. But even then I don't feel to strong about this idea and maybe becoming an undead crow as some other user suggested might be cool to.
  8. I think for another tool should be car flares or the in game flare gun should be able to distract zombies. Like the stick flares or car flares what ever there called can last up to x amount of time to distract zombies. (If anyone watches the new walking dead series you know what im talking about.) Or the flare gun can be shot at the ground instead. That works to, sounds like a good idea?
  9. I was going to start a new topic on my idea. I still think that there shouldn't be user controlled walkers. But I say that it would be a cool idea that once you die you don't pop out in third person when your infected. Instead when you die everything is in first person and you watch as your zombie remains attack your fellow teammates with a different looking screen like the infected screen but like red or something for example. And when you want to hit a button to get out of the view. An sine your zombie isnt a walker but a runner it porbably would be cooler. Just a suggestion instead of whats currently implaced.