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  1. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2940017/fgd.rar

    Download and place this fgd into your directory.

    Just overwrite your original one.

    This will make you mappers able to place runner zombies, shambler zombies, and kid zombies.

    You will also be given the option to change their skins.

    You can choose to have a female zombie or a male zombie

    and the black kid or the white girl.

    For some reason when you choose the skins for the kid zombies, you might get an error model.

    I don't know why it does that, but I promise it'll work ingame!

  2. What are you meant to do with the gas can one? I took the file and copy pasted into a map, the npc sits there.

    It being a prefab, I probably shouldn't copy paste it, but I don't have the time to place it where it should be and all that.

    Did you include the logic_auto?

    If you did, it should've spawned a gascan, and when you destroy that first gascan, the NG will throw another.

  3. Yes the NG plays an animation when he's throwing the gascan.

    The helicopters are real npcs, but they're "stupid," they'll only fly straight to the place where you placed your 'npc_supply_chopper entity'

    They'll fly like the choppers you see dropping supplies for you.

    But be careful when making choppers fly in formation, if they're too close together, they'll get stuck. That means separating the point_teleports and not letting their flight paths cross.

    Play nms_museum_b5 to see them in action!

    What do you mean by decorational helicopters?

  4. You guys were going to do this anyway? :(
    My way is a bit weird.

    So how the prefab works is:

    1. Chopper spawns at 'chopper entry/exit entity' (no 3d nav needed unless you plan to have supply drops.)
    (If you have multiple 'chopper entry/exit entities' then they will spawn at the one closest to their 'npc_supply_chopper entity'

    2. They then go for a straight path to the place where you place the 'npc_supply_chopper entity'

    3. They will fly into the teleport brush that I've placed so they get set back and have to fly the same path again and again and again.
    (If you choose not to make them teleport, then they will just stay at the same position that you've placed the 'npc_supply_chopper entity'

    If you choose to make multiple ones like in the prefab I put:

    . Just follow the same steps as the ones above.
    . But you must also put the 'logic_auto' that I put in the prefab.
    . If you don't, then the choppers will get stuck together and they'll go no where.

  5. Post your prefabs that you would like to share here!


    There are not alot of maps with the national guard in them. And the few maps that actually have them, are just national guard corpses.

    This prefab is a national guard soldier throwing a gascan, and he throws another in 5 seconds everytime the previous gascan is destroyed.

    He'll help you BURN through mobs faster ;)


  6. Sorry I ruined the textures.

    The textures were changed because they were CSS textures.

    I didn't want to make the bsp too big when I pakrat the textures and models.

    So I just replaced the missing CSS textures with NMRIH textures, to lessen the size of the bsp.

    Can you guys tell me the areas that you have a problem with regarding textures?

  7. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2940017/nms_museum_b5.rar

    Created by Theropod-X

    Original CS:Source map by David Board / stage2studios.com

    Had to change a few things to make it playable with zombies.

    Where I got it: http://gamebanana.com/css/maps/65487

    The author's blog: http://museumsource.blogspot.fi/

    The National Guard have quarantined you and your friends in a museum.

    They will not let you leave until all zombies have been eliminated.

    I couldn't post images from my steam online library for some reason.

    So I just took a screenshot of my previewed post.


    Give feedback! :)

    Add me on steam friends, I'm harryhoot1

  8. http://dl.dropbox.co...h%20rangers.rar is the link i downloaded it from then i clicked on the link picked save not open then saved it as nmrih rangers and the type is a RAR file (The only options it gave me was RAR file or all files) then i installed i went into the game went to change character and it wasnt there so i went and found it and went into sourcemods folder then nmrih folder then modles then player and copied it into there and then restarted the game and it still wasnt there so i dont know what i should do next. its still in the forums if you look for yourself its under Models, Skins, and Animations and the topic is called Modern Warfare 2 skins

    I suggest that you don't download it because it's bugged (the players can't hold the weapons right)

    But if you really love MW2, all you have to do is:

    1.Open the rar file.

    2.Open the nmrihrangers folder.

    3.Drag and drop both the 'models' folder and the 'materials' folder into your nmrih directory.

    4.Restart your game if it was running while you were doing this.