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  1. A map that branches out from one central point toward multiple objectives is something I'd like to see more of. If there's one thing that bugs me about the beta maps, it's their linearity.
  2. Just to clarify, you're aware that you need to load the gas into the saw with the reload key before you start it, right?
  3. Believe me Joe, I tried, but the thread reads like the way a drunk and toothless transient rambles. At no point while reading any part of it did I have the faintest idea what was going on or what it was about. It left me startlingly bewildered, frightened. You are a conundrum, Joe, a deep well of confusion but also a fountain of spirit. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  4. You noted one issue with it. A couple more is that it would lead to significantly longer rounds with one player just beginning the map as the others are finally killed off near the end. This issue would be exacerbated by the fact that the setup would encourage players to hop between servers upon death, splintering server populations and possibly extending rounds almost indefinitely. Reconnecting to a server to respawn would not only happen, it would become a necessity to actually play. This leads directly into simply having a timed respawn, which works directly against the design and flow of the game.
  5. I'm not a gun guy, what exactly is bolt back? And with the .357, do you mean to say that cocking the gun--as when entering iron-sights--causes the revolving piece to, well, revolve? I haven't had much time to mess with the revolver to find if skipping a chamber is possible, and if so whether or not the bullet remains in the same chamber for the next pass.
  6. Thanks for bringing me back to reality, this poorly thought out idea almost broke ~*my immersion*~ Honestly, it's a fun idea. I could see it confusing players into thinking they're empty, but perhaps that's extra incentive to keep on top of your bullet count. I think it'd synergize pretty well with the empty clicks on the .356, too. Currently, it's not too easy (or possible? Does checking ammo simulate a chamber spin?) to end up with a stray round in the revolver while dry firing through empty chambers. Playing russian roulette with an approaching zed after a weapon jam would be a pretty tense experience.
  7. No offense, but that game mode sounds increadibly boring and absent of the elements that make NMRiH fun.
  8. I think it'd be very interesting to have zombies that aren't decapitated standing back up after a short time. It'd be a great addition for increased difficulty as well, which is something important to consider for the future of the mod.
  9. I see where you're coming from, but the intention isn't to simulate a cinematic exchange between characters, but to further develop aspects of the mod which I believe were anticipated in its design from the very beginning. You bring up an important point which I'm damn familiar with coming from a background of competitive gaming, but it's an arguement that's really only deeply relevant to competetive games. What you call a meta-game, I call an addition to gameplay that serves to set NMRiH apart from your Zombie Masters and your BrainBreads. I think Call of Duty is a terrible example because it's a singular, by the books experience. It's glorified modern deathmatching with limited depth, subtlety or meticulousness in its design. This isn't deathmatch or CTF, it's coop, so I think it's open to broader interpretations and new ideas. Take, for example, the in-development bank heisting coop indy game Monacco. At the core of its design is to require cooperation to complete a difficult robbery successfully using the strengths of each team member, but conversely there is emphasis on eliminating other members of your team to give yourself a bigger cut of the profits. This is the same course of design I think could work incredibly well for NMRiH if it is accounted for, and it's something very interesting that hasn't been done often or very successfully before.
  10. Adding friendly fire as a central aspect of the game doesn't automatically sanction it, as has been shown already. Providing alternatives to outright team killing should serve to reduce it, but even if it doesn't, having a shoving mechanic certainly won't convince more people to team kill nor persuade others that constant team killing (or counter-productive play) is okay any more than it already is. Since Friendly Fire is already a core element of the gameplay, I think we've overcome that initial hurdle of anti-coop to see that there are issues with it, but that it is overall beneficial to the gameplay. Introducing non-damaging alternatives for anti-cooperation can't hurt the gameplay more than turning friendly fire off already does. I definitely agree, though, that "characters shouldn't hold grudges" between rounds, not for reason of some sort of obscure continuity or character development, but because--while it allows players to build impressions of others and respond to them as such--it can also distract from the actual gameplay. Thankfully, I don't think it's much of an issue, and will explain why. With or without friendly fire or anti-cooperative mechanics, players will inevitably respond to one another with non-cooperation for doing things they don't like. Furthermore, I've noticed that in similar round-based coop mods, players tend not to become vindictive with one another at the start of the next round because they'd simply prefer to play the game than risk getting killed again, though they will surely be wary of the player(s) in question from the previous round. All in all, I think round-to-round vindication is less of a problem than you'd think, especially with the friendly fire grace period at the start of rounds introduced in 1.01. Finally, one player definitely isn't going to ruin the whole game. Maybe they'll cause a wipe or two, but other players will respond to their behavior accordingly. The "hunter" quickly becomes "the hunted," and their previous self-serving efforts will more likely come back to bite them in subsequent rounds. Also, while yes, I agree that introducing these mechanics isn't remotely similar to introducing complex and emotional character interactions as seen in a zombie film, but I feel they'd add additional depth to social player interaction which would be beneficial to the gameplay more so than it would be detrimental. People will work counter productively whether or not there are mechanics provided to do so. It's fun for some people, I myself am viciously guilty of it from time to time. Think of it this way: The objective is to weld a door, so one of the players gathers up the welders and holds them just to impede progress, hiding in a safe place after everyone is dead and preventing the round from restarting. Because there's no friendly fire or further ability to work counter-productively, this is what griefers will most often resort to, and it's absolutely more detrimental than a simple team kill. Friendly fire could not only reduce instances of serious game-stopping griefing, but provides a counter measure against it. And, as a result, the biggest issue with player collision (players blocking doorways, objectives, ect) would be a mediated with a pushing mechanic in place.
  11. Amateurs. What we need... Is more Munch.
  12. I guess it's worth chiming in as one of those who not only doesn't mind spectating time, but appreciates it. I like having free time to read the news, forums, craigslist, watch porn, check my email, and generally do the things I do on a day to day basis between rounds while I play. I'm typically playing with a guitar in my lap, papers to fill out from work earlier that day, ect. Maybe I'm hopelessly addicted to multitasking, but I don't mind the downtime.
  13. I fully support this idea.
  14. I played ZP!:S for years, though not so much after 2.1. Sad to say I've never actually had the opportunity to play this map (or the other amusement park themed map from the same update) because of the communities preference for custom and objective based maps. I'd love to see this adapted for NMRiH, if that is indeed your plan.
  15. Here are some ideas of things to do while waiting in spec: Talk to others spectating. Watch those still playing and enjoy their misfortune. Read these forums from Steam's overlay browser (it actually works well now). Clean up around the house. Have a smoke. Get another beer. Play some guitar. Make a phone call. Pick your nose. Superfluous ADHD bullshit between rounds isn't necessary. If you can't find something to do with your hands during the downtime, look into some hobbies or seek medication, or seek out servers with plugins like the bird one mentioned earlier.