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  1. aww youre my only replier.. thank you
  2. if sv_lan 0 doesnt work what ports would i use?
  3. seriously.. since when has a FPS game had a gay action man. who slaughters shit stop getting butthurt over a beta
  4. i say we make our dead infected bodies not bots but players. as in a team or 7. 3 die and join the infection as *Special Infected*
  5. i think that there should be a weapon Respawn. at the beginning of the match. ive played several games and was the first to die because i was weaponless ( much to say only having a hammer or a flashlight as a weapon)
  6. i made an ICO for NMRIN http://www.mediafire.com/?52bbbyldbk2rams to use, just go to your library section in steam and right click on NMRIN and make a desktop shortcut, then right click on the made shortcut/Properties/Changeicon and. to remove the shortcut arrow you can use "Vista Shortcut Manager"
  7. i told my friend about this game, and told him to try it out. when his download finished i tried to make a server for just me and him. on his side he couldnt connect to me. so i told him to make on. i used console to join and it still wouldnt connect. do i need the actual Server client to make a game for me and him? or should i jsut be able to go with the default stuff. because i dont think its needed to make a dedicated server, or is it? also should i portforward?