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  1. The Jason and Freddie zombie part was a joke, thats why I said "No but seriously" after I started stating my point for real, mate. Aside from that I agree with the majority of your statement.
  2. Anything Zombie related on STEAMWORKS gets ton of players, DIPRIP isn't particularly zombie related. XD
  3. There is some time between being infected and turning into a zombie, there is plenty of time for the infected individual to remove his own gear, and/or shoot himself. There need to be more dead military officers around if ya' ask me! These are some good questions, I would like to know too.
  4. Resident Evil Cold Blood for GoldSource had gameplay EXTREMELY similiar to this mod. EDIT: and of course by Extremely similiar i mean almost exactly the same, just for Hl1
  5. The chainsaw does have a aggro factor already to some extent, i can run to the gunstore without the chainsaw, 1 zombie would follow me in, then if i brought the chainsaw and used it atleast 12 or so would be following me all the way to the gunstore.
  6. How about a Freddy/jason Zombie? No but seriously if you were in a zombie situation as presented on NMRIH you wouldn't be unhurt mentally by everything thats happened, you WOULD be seeing things albeit from lack of sleep, hunger, or just plain shock, YOU WOULD SEE THINGS THAT ARE NOT THERE and probably hear things aswell, fake or not. Its just how the Human brain works. If said ghosts/sounds were implemented, they should never be harmful to the player, to be realistic. So please stop being mean to the OP for suggesting a idea.
  7. Make it where you HAVE to sight a survivor, like, put a crosshair, a survivor has to be in the crosshair or it doesn't take effect.
  8. its only that easy on chinatown/cabin, on broadway shoving and running past dont work 85% of the time, theres just not much room to run. EDIT: And besides, if you play as a team its actually harder/funner than going lonewolf.
  9. Broadway is harder, but chinatown is just... its so much more of a travel and so much longer... if i had to choose any map currently its chinatown even if i can sprint through it without even picking up a weapon.
  10. Its even better this way if you ask me, think about it--It always gets more suspenseful when your injured, this way it goes black-and-white the more injured you are, with 10 HP being completely so, it makes the game ALOT more intense.
  11. Hmmm, that art that was made for the game with the zombie/psycho with the machete, something like that would be great. EDIT: PS I love that art.
  12. The view would be interesting sure--but until the AI is fixed so that they are actually able to follow the survivors further than down the street its kind of pointless. The map sounds like it would be a blast to go through and would take lots of teamwork, i dont think it would be possible to rush that map. EDIT: And i think the view shouldn't be forced on the player, if they want to switch between viewing a teammate or their zombie they should be able to, but thats just what i think.
  13. If they removed this the game would be so much easier than it already is but also so much more realistic... I have mixed feelings, that's my opinion.