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  1. hi guys the title says all DRM free & works on windows + mac (For the upcoming 48 hours you'll be able to add Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics to your GOG.com collection, completely FREE of charge) goodoldgames.com
  2. definitely NMS the objective maps are great and i wish more of them but for the rest of your NMRiH career i would play survival ^^ sry but this is wrong i can beat all objective maps alone in survival you must play as team -> share and safe ammo, weapons and medkits etc without teamplay you cant beat this maps for me objective is to easy so i play survival & with a good team you will have fun as hell ^^
  3. oh yeah thx guys !
  4. nice to see you are not dead ^^ hopefully a update coming soon keep on the good work on this impressive mod
  5. lol wtf is this most useless gimmick 2013 ? fortunately not gp2x openpandora nintendo etc It is limited but you can find nice pieces of hardware & software too
  6. normaly yes but this sounds great (if it is possible) @K1lroy314 dont worry I said something like that :)/> the cs mode serves as an inspiration for a feature in the ojective mode
  7. 1. sry for the bad english i hope you get the point ^^ I think a few of you knows the vip mode from counter strike (1 random person is the "vip" he can only take handguns and has more hp -> the team wins when the vip reach the goal) so... whats about a mode for nmrih maybe: 1) the "vip" is a medic he only can use the medkits/bandages for himself &/or the other players 2) the "vip" is a chemist/military/normal person - who can open the gate to the the safe zone 3) something like that ^^
  8. ok this is not for the 1.06 but maybe for the future 1. a alarm system like left4de maybe car alarms -> you hit a special car the alarm starts and you get the attention of the zombies 2. npc maybe with quests bring me/find that - clear this zone and "we" open the gate or something like that 3.suicide & more objective maps edit: 4.hats xD
  9. congratulation i'm happy for you this is the right reward for the hard work nice mod & thx for the many hours of fun
  10. definitely objectiv (i love chinatow )
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cch0wrwg4tg
  12. pro barricade system new map & game mode cons unstable sugg more zombies ^^
  13. im not sure but i think its both ^^ rule: realism mode -> only fresh connected ppl respawn (is there a realism game mode in nmrih ? ^^) bug: when people chatting (dead survivor) they dont respawn yeah my english is sooooo bad ^^
  14. cry of fear looks realy nice erm wing commander saga a freespace 2 mod
  15. party zombie ^^