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  1. Hungry System What is [Hungry System]? HS is the system will hungry and get damage if u don't get some food to eat.(kind like MineCraft or DeadFrontier hungry system) in this system, the player will need to find food and eat it. if player didn't eat something, then player will get damage after that ,if player still didn't eat something and he will DEAD. the food maybe will be apple,cooks,pie(<--too big),bread kind of these thing this maybe can be a mode or system =| hungry mode <--sound strange O_o hungry system <--maybe to hard in game?
  2. hello NMRiH Team again :3 i got the problem when i making map =( the problem is when i create the player spawn point , it came out this and WHAT IS THIS?????? I'M VERY SURE THAT WAS NOT A PLAYER SPAWN POINT later i try other thing... STILL CAME OUT THIS STUPID FACEEEEEEEEEE OMFG if pictures not working ckick the Link: picture 1 second new 1 i very sure these link are working! if u can't see then mean is ur porblem
  3. u mean i gona make ZPS cabin version map? hey bro i only make CSS and NMRiH maps =| (time to sleep =D tomorrow need go to school)
  5. so, i want to ask... how i spawn the zombie and put the obj in map?(SDK) i don't know what the wiki says(ununderstand) have other easy way to spawn it ? or... have any step or something else? because my english not every good when i saw a lot of words , and i will GIVE UP AND KEEP BEING THE NOOB :| p.s map mean [sDK] Hammer editor
  6. i can't find the func_zombie_spawn did u have picture or tutorial video something? because even u say like this i still don't know how i do.
  7. uh.....alright...i will try learn some english (maybe i guess O_o) i still don't know func_zombie_spawn is it. and why i can't saw this options in SDK? and what wiki Objectives Setup says??? to many new words.... OH MY GOD ! THIS GONA BE THE LONG LONG NIGHT. and few question how these code work? i mean HOW EX:player walk though the obj points will start the obj or something else? or press the item and start the obj or spawning zombie? omg! these f****en english gona KILL ME! why leran more english in taiwan mean freak!? and why all teacher don't know what is STEAM? WTF KIND OF THIS CONTORY!?
  8. I have some question about create map and items here is the question 1.How do i spawn the ammo in Hammer Editor (EX:spawn .45 9mm ammi item to Hammer) 2.How i spawn the zombie in game , and why i can't set zombie spawn points? 3.Why i could't saw the flash light item in Hammer Editor?(also ammo) i will update later if i get new question ....
  9. THANKSSS ADMIN!!! by the way why ur photo looks like the guys was confused? because ur always confused ? ?
  10. Vip mode is about Keep the Vip alive and safe(<---maybe not) Game rules: rule 1#:every New round the system will choose one player to VIP Other players need protect him and keep him alive rule 2#:IF VIP die then the round will Lose rule 3#: even all players (not VIP) death the game will still going until VIP DEATH Simple and Easy =) Just like CS vip mode(not escape) by the way did this mod have the heal kits? (In-game) me:OMG!!i'm dying! where is heal kit ????(\OoO/)! team mate: here u go (give pills) me:thanks! yum ~yum~ me:WTF!??why i can't heal?? team mate:u noob. team mate2:r u noob?
  11. GUYS i think i fix the Hammer setting ...... now i can spawn the points so..... uh.... it works thanks! themanofwar
  12. my entites is missing there is nothing in entites and i go cheak nmrih.fgd and change GameConfig.txt still don't work
  13. i'm very sure the pictures are working
  14. Pistol PISTOL AND MORE PISTOL!! PISTOL IS KIND OF MOST LITTLE, AWESOME POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE WORLD!!! THESE ARE AWESOME!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maybe u can fellow the game call [Dead Frontier] is the Online game kind of RPG + TPS there have A LOT OF GUNSSS and ARMOR + BULLETS u can go watch it and have some idea =D by the way MORE Guns = need MORE different bullets = more bug = more skin = need spend more time this will be hard but THIS MOD IS AWESOME!!! (maybe will be the online game? uhh.....i don't think so =|) and! MORE SHOTGUNS!! SHOTGUN IS POWERFUL!!! BANG! ONE SHOT ONE KILL! [Kel-Tec KSG] this gun looks good and this have VIDEO can help u make it
  15. Hello NMRiH Team i have a qusetion Did NMRiH Beta Have any SDK to make the map? Because in Beta only have three maps is boring so i try download other maps , some like ZPS maps ZM maps even CSS maps then all can use it but the plombem is IT DIDN'T HAVE NMRiH PLAYER SPWAN POINTS!! OMFG!!! so did NMRiH BETA have any SDK ? OR just use steam source SDK? (i got the SDK so... thx! Maxx) OTHER QUSETION: i got the error it says: Setup file 'gameinfo.txt' doesn't exist in subdirectory '[iNSTALL DIR]\steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\nmrih'. Check your -gameparameter or VCONFIG setting ... I'M VERY SURE I HAVE CHAGNE THE .txt file OMFG
  16. Get it i just add spawn points and zombie +objects i wont cahnge the maps other thing
  17. oh thx dude