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  1. Decided to check out this thread again and stumbled upon a surprise on page 5. Go at your own discretion.
  2. Absolutely! The mistakes kind of added up over time to the point where it was too late to fix, but with a clean start I can avoid repeating them for sure.
  3. Unfortunately, I couldn't recover the nmo_refuge .vmfs after my harddrive died. However, it isn't all bad news. As my first serious map, Refuge has functioned more as an experiment in mapping. Over the course of its development, spanning almost 2 years (starting out as a Zombie Master map and eventually moving to NMRIH), I've learnt a lot about mapping that I intend to apply to future maps. I'll return with something new at some point if uni/work/generic excuses allow me to. Although it's not a serious loss, it's so inconvenient to lose things. Always back up your shit.
  4. Nice map! I really like the concept and your progress so far is more than pleasing.
  5. Try cordon off sections of your map and compiling them separately to see if you can pinpoint the fault. If you don't know what that is, refer to this: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Cordon_Usage. Otherwise, are there any parts of your map that are messy? As in a lot of messed up brushwork that might be of concern.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking of a 'replace the pipe' thing, but you described it much better.
  7. Thanks for the input. At the moment I'm sorting out the faults, which include the sounds, lack of 3D skybox (and the door speeds, thanks for reminding me), and I'll start some real testing once the nav is set up properly. On a side note, the powerlines between the pylons also sway in the wind but, unfortunately, only the ones directly above the player are close enough to be seen as moving.
  8. A video walkthrough of nmo_refuge at present. To do: Fix up soundscapes and ambient_generics, Add more detail to buildings, Replace old HL2 textures/models from the older part of the map, Fix up .nav, Objective linking/entities (remove keypad perhaps), Alternate objective pathways, Extraction(s), Fix up those damn reeds, Replace cranks with alternative sprinkler activation, And much more...
  9. Although dark maps can be terrifying, they can be equally as frustrating for people. Judging from the previous post I understand that you're trying for the 'blackout' story in your level, but it could be helpful to include things like glow sticks. I know that whenever my power goes out I usually just light a few candles and put them around the house, so that could be an idea, showing some interesting lighting from the flickering candles. A really cool idea could be an oven on fire in a kitchen shining dangerous feeling orange/red lighting through a doorway and another idea could be phones, laptops or other battery powered devices which could be lighting up a corner or a room on the side with some shades of blue. Here's a quick example of the laptop idea.
  10. It looks like a good start, but some things that stand out to me are the toilet signs and the wooden floor of the ground floor where the ute is. I wouldn't expect to find a sign like that in a barn, and the wooden floor just doesn't suit the ground floor of a barn where trucks and cars would routinely be parked. Try breaking up the wooden textures (for example, try out a concrete floor, covered in gravel and mud from the farm trucks etc.) because having one type of material for everything is just boring. The lighting of the fire outside is a nice touch, but some light sources inside are showing the 'evil spot of light' caused by the light entity being a bit too close to the surface (most lights aren't that strong! you could fix this by moving it away, or using a light_spot). Aside from that this map has great potential, especially being a first map, and I hope my criticism hasn't come off too harsh. Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. I think you've got some good brushwork on that building. I really like the windows. I was bored, so I started some abstract mapping and ended up with this. I call it the Abandoned Memorial.
  12. Here's a video showing the current progress on the rooftop, including the work I've started on soundscapes. Listen for the sound of the rain and let me know what you think.
  13. hopes you enjoyed your stay.

  14. Hey there. It feels good to be back. Red correction (may be a bit over the top)
  15. My favourite map name to date.