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  1. Whilst dicking around in one of my maps I thought it'd be kind of cool if the player could choose on the fly which area was the 'base' but I imagine it's due to limitations with the Zombies waypointing and stuff that causes this kind of thing to be unfeasible, at the very least with the way things currently work. Maps would also need to be designed quite diffrently to incorporate this aswell.

    What I was thinking:

    One defendable zone that can be moved to other pre-selected places within the map should the players choose (they can't move this area whilst Zombies are in it to prevent people from just setting up a new one when about to be overrun)

    new defences can be placed in said area's when players gather enough 'supplies' (like those wooden barricades that the barricade boards go across) these would appear/could be chosen when enough supplies were gathered (Models that would appear in pre-selected places like doorways in the zones) this would mean that players would be invested in the area's they were defending, as if they did decide to move it somewhere else, they'd have build that area up from scratch.

    But seeing as there's probably no way round the waypointing issue and that Survival mode is fairly intensive in terms of performance as it is, this probably can't be done.

  2. In this open world Zombie themed sandbox game you can hit, shoot and run over Zombies.

    Oh Jesus Christ, i've done it again.

    Everything that's been said here you'd probably glean from even a cursory glance at official previews/reviews and youtube video's. If you're someone who was trying to avoid stuff like that, why are you reading a thread about the game, especially after it's been released.

    There's little to no story in this game (of which we've made a small number of vague references to) and a lot of stuff is randomised. Had we been talking about some heavily story driven game and talked about characters/twists then I'd see your point, but it's like complaining because someone talked about the mission where you steal the car and shoot the people and evade the police in a grand theft auto game.

  3. Ferals really are bastards.

    I'm at the point where I need to move somewhere new due to there not being enough room at the church, i'm thinking either that walled off house in the middle of nowhere (there's a barn by it) or one of the industrial areas in the city. DECISIONS.

    The big bastards? Yeah they're dicks. Only way I can get them to go down is with molotovs.

    Yeh, when I finally figured out how to actually use grenades etc that's what I did, the only problem was it was the mission where you have to help those people in the ruined farm-house: YOU SET AN ALLY ON FIRE, TRUST LOST.

    The amount of cars i've wrecked is ridiculous, it's so easy to flip them by going off small ledges or just getting them stuck in the geometry somehow. I've also had some random stuff happen, like trying to help a survivor being attacked by Zombies and he explodes whilst im trying to save him. Never did figure that one out.

    Two things this game needs: the ability to load supplies into cars and the ability to make stashes.

  4. Hayter has wished Sutherland well with the role. "Can't fault @RealKiefer," he tweeted. "Great actor, good man. The game will probably still be excellent. Like New Coke!"

    It's unclear why Hayter is no longer in the role, but it sounds like it wasn't his decision to walk away from it. "To my beloved Tweeps, I can't thank you enough for all your support. Getting fired was never so heartwarming,"

    Replacing David Hayter with Kiefer sutherland seems like a bad move. I don't care how good a voice actor he is, to just suddenly replace the original voice actor is a bizzare move, especially when it seems that Hayter actually wants to retain the role.

  5. Tis quite good, I managed to grab a key when they were handing them out so have been playing for a bit.

    Knee mortars, booby-traps, flamethrowers, banzai charges and trench-guns Huzzah.

    Now i hope they finally get around to adding APC's to base RO2.

  6. :o

    I remember playing a demo of the original Chrome years ago and loving it because there was very little like it out there (it had ragdoll/open environments etc). Even so, there's just something about the engine that I don't like. The newest Call of Juarez game puts it to quite good use, but something about that engine just feels cheap and budget-y.

    While the premise looked cool, I've learned the hard way not to get excited for one of Techland's games until I've gotten actual hands-on time.

    And when I said take Dead Island's entire concept, I mean that quite literally. It's blatantly the Dead Island engine in use here, for better or for worse.


  7. Easy there fellah, just saying it'd probably cost about $300-350 to get the equivalent over here. Not crazy money or anything, but a fair bit if you bought it all at once (and for one person, I assume you and your buds split the cost).

    • I don't play multiplayer: I only really play 'epic' or 'time-consuming' single player only titles on my consoles, so the whole social connectivity experience that Xbox Live touts is meaningless
    • I don't like the Xbox Live subscription fee: Why should I have to pay for the ability to use and access something I'm already paying monthly? (netflix as an example)

    Xbox live fee's are such a load of shit, as you say you're already paying for other services including the bloody connection itself in the first place, so having to pay for the 'privilege' of being able to play the games you've bought online is such a greedy thing to do on Microsofts part.

    What pisses me off even more is the fact they let you sign up for all that stuff on the XBox itself, but in order to end your subscription you have to twat about on a computer or ring them up to cancel it.

    First world problems, eh.

  8. I was very suprised to learn how little RAM the current consoles actually have:


    When Sony stepped out in New York with the surprise revelation that PlayStation 4 had a whopping 8GB of very fast GDDR5, there were few people more pleased than Dishonored's lead level designer Christophe Carrier.

    "We need memory, you know?" he shrugged, smiling knowingly at colleague Dinga Bakaba after winning Best Game at the BAFTA Game Awards on Tuesday night.

    "As a level designer we are struggling against memory every day. We cut things, we remove things, we strip things, we split the levels, we remove NPCs from levels because there's not enough memory.

    which is apparently 16X more than the PS3 has (256MB).

    Makes you wonder how ports get botched so badly when the average gaming PC has so much more of basically everything.

    And I couldn't watch that video for more than five seconds before wanting to punch both hosts repeatedly in the face.