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  1. Having played around a bit with the Sako 85 I find it kind of annoying how your character instantly bolts in another round slowing down your movement, which can be especially bad if you're close to the Zombies you're shooting. Simple solution: Optional 'manual' bolting i.e. after firing press mouse 1 to cycle the bolt.
  2. I cannot believe this isn't an XBLA/PSN title but a full priced AAA one. Even if it was say a $15-$25 live/PSN title it'd be bad enough, but at the price it's going for it's a piss take. Have the staff in game shops also been instructed to spit in the faces of anyone who purchases it aswell.
  3. It was all going so well..... The war was almost over........ some sense of normality was returning to our country and the World as a whole....... We were going to make it, NO, we HAD made it.................. or so we thought, Until...... In an attempt to keep the true horror away from the public me and my Comarade Republika e shqiperi, Repshit for short, were both branded traitors who'd cracked, no longer fit to serve in the Red-Army. But we both know what we saw that day.........We Know.............. That was our Vietnam, how we were aware of Vietnam with it being 25 or so years in the future, we'll never know........ BUT I WAS THERE MAN........... I was there............ (By which I don't mean in Vietnam) I was there........
  4. While they'll probably patch it up and stuff, just looking at these video's makes me wonder how much worse the game would have been had those video's not come out and they'd just carried on in the direction they were going.
  5. About the Revolver, I think it should be made so that when using the sights you can still fire in single and double action modes, with Mouse-wheel back to pull the hammer down instead of mouse 1 (I don't know why, but I think mouse 1 to perform this action would feel weird with the Revolver). Bonuses for pulling the hammer back: Quicker/more intense 'Concentration' mode, less movement in sight picture/point of aim, basically more predictability and accuracy due to lighter trigger pull along with 'concentration' bonuses.
  6. I don't think you can really compare the two (other than they have Zombies and some focus on melee) as much as people like to pigeon-hole stuff they're very different. Other than some slightly higher production quality in some area's, I don't think you have that much to worry about. Also, I wish they'd make Condemned 3 already.
  7. Hey, Bluehawk..... D'ya remember, remember that, that old.......... Vietcong 2.... *Runs away
  8. Hitler confirmed as playable character:
  9. If ever Female characters do make their way into NMRIH, we need a breast-mounted health display like in this game:
  10. Yup, I loved the first couple and Modern Warfare 1 was very fun, when they took out leaning and whatnot with MW2 I decided to stop buying them. United offensive was unbelievably fun for the time, I could still probably enjoy a couple of rounds to this day. Also, this is all just marketing spiel to draw your attention towards RO: Rising Storm from Tripwire interactive. I'm not saying the game wont be good or anything (i've been looking forward to it for a long time) but it is just shallow marketing hype at the end of the day "Oh, we hate the COD series, just like you do, Guys! Our game is so realistic, you'll love it because it's like, the opposite!" They did something similar when the Red orchestra 2 was initially being released, an Article on why the Red orchestra 2 'will beat black ops' Considering what a buggy, badly optimised, feature missing mess RO2 was on launch it kind of back fired. It's also incredibly rich of them to come out with shit like this when they basically sold out their fanbase in an attempt to make some middleground that'd appease players from a wide spectrum, which again backfired.
  11. Eghhh, still looks like Steam sale material, especially if it's full AAA price. If only there'd been leaked alpha footage of Aliens: colonial marines that showed how terrible it was, maybe the backlash would've made them produce a better game. Also, if you want something with good first person combat, play the condemned series..
  12. haha, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VdiEj4u-fLY#t=255s "If I had a balloon filled with acid, i'd throw it at you right now"
  13. lol, was there then a long pause while they both ran from their houses to do this: and then back.
  14. But an educated guess would be that it wouldn't have a Granite laden Toilet room going by the aesthetic of the rest of the place? It's an incredibly small thing for me to be picky about I know, it just looks slightly off in my opinion.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6iZuHCiV2A Oh I went there. Is it a lot better than the first one? I could never get into it because it just seemed like a bog standard HL2 'Zombie' mod, but I think that was it's very first release, maybe it improved.
  16. Dead Space 4 mini-game.
  17. I'll probably wait until it's going for pennies on Steam, play it for 15 minutes and never look it again like I did with two and three.
  18. Need to upload these pictures somewhere else, they're always tiny when you post them. This could be a good idea depending on how you went about it/if you ever finish it. Would be cool if you started in some kind of survivor camp and had to go out somewhere with a series of small linear objectives showing the games mechanics (like someone on a radio telling you what and how to do things from said camp).
  19. Yeh, I was going to say the exact same thing about the granite, does make it look a bit modern if you were going for the same aesthetic as in the film. Unless some Hipsters have moved in and done the place up.
  20. http://www.3drealms.com/sounds/caplog08.wav
  21. Looks like these Insurgents..... ....Are all fired up This is the new 'Street-fighter' mode the devs have added.
  22. And that solves the mystery of what i'd like to dub 'The Catsada incident' And for tampering with the evidence, you're sentenced to death, Payne. By cats. Or Skateboarding owls, it's your choice Either way, You won't know when it's coming.
  23. If 1.07 gets delayed, I think I know what'll be said: "That god-damned cat of mine again, he's responsible, bastard."