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  1. Im thinking of making a map of a recreation centre which would include a swimming pool/slides. Im just wondering whether it'd be possible to have zombies become ragdolls once they entered an area, then get back up and resume walking around once they left it. Im thinking of doing this as I can imagine how bad it'd look if they just walked down something as steep as im planning on making the slides. e.g. something like the injury/blackout system in the HL2 mod 'Resistance and liberation.' I think the player goes ragdoll then comes 'back to life' in that.
  2. Ah, bugger. I tried compromising with a trigger hurt, but when it kills them it pushes them backwards rather making them just fall forward. Hopefully there is some way to do it, but atm it'll either look bad, or i'll have to find some other way around.
  3. Hi, really liking this mod. There's something weirdly addictive about it, like repeatedly playing a demo of a game you've really been looking forward to. My impressions: Zombies need to be made incrementally faster, but easier to kill (I gather this is an issue with hitboxes, which'll hopefully be sorted in the patch) Once you're used to the way the game plays, it is very easy to just walk past hordes of zombies, especially on maps like Chinatown. it'd be cool if their speed varied incrementally, (I realise there are runners and other zombie types to come) but normal zombies should have some randomisation in terms of speed, aggression, chance of infecting/power of hit etc. They should have some resilience, but nothing like the 8 shots to the face from the .45 pistol it can take currently in extreme cases. I realise realism is a concern, but sometimes the compass can be vague, confusing and misleading. Maybe more glow on objective items when your close to them, the ability to use a 'clue' if your really stuck (will bring up a highlighted path to your current objective for a short period, could only be used once or twice, I dunno.) or if the objective items on the compass had icons depicting what they were. There needs to be more map variation, I realise that these are big populated maps but more routes etc enhance replayability, especially if they offer vastly different gameplay/challenges. e.g. keypad doors, you can either find the code, or blow it off its hinges with an explosive. Basically, more map randomisation/variation/ways to complete objectives. Small things like the locked gunshop on broadway, where you have to shoot the lock out through the window, more stuff like that (e.g. on one playthrough maybe the shutters would be down and you'd have to find an alternate route in, or another shop/building would be openable instead.) L4D style doors? Zombies need to be able to gradually break through doors (Happens faster the more that are hitting it, they are more likely to try to get into rooms with more players inside) would make barricading more useful. The screen effects/audio when you are becoming infected are really immersive/tense, but its a bit of an anti-climax when the camera goes 3rd person and you see your guy just slump to the floor. Maybe remain in 1st person with screen effects etc and see things through your zombified characters eyes, but with little to no control over his actions, until he gets killed or player can opt out after a while. It'd be cool if there were signs someone was becoming infected/had been bitten other than 'His names gone red, maybe he's infected' e.g. make it more audible/have the charcter stumbling about, small changes to character model (Maybe a permanent bitten decal from where they got infected) before falling over and coming back fully zombified. (Think this is in the patch) shooting someone who is becoming infected in the head before they turn should stop them from coming back as a zombie. More stamina for running, but a limit/reacharge period on 'shoves.' Unless you are being swarmed by zombies, its quite easy to keep them at bay. Extend the inventory system, make it slightly more Resident evil/Stalker esque e.g. you can search draws, cupboards, buried stashes, pry up floorboards, car boots etc. Weapons/items hidden in obscure places (Nothing too illogical, but a place someone may have stashed/discarded something out of view intending to come back to it later) Lastly, it'd be cool if tanks/apcs were made objective items on a future map (I've always wondered how zombies were supposed to have overpowered them in the first place) e.g. fire the tanks main gun to make a hole in a wall/barrier, fuel it up and drive through a barrier to make a path. Power up an abandoned apc, back door opens and a squad of zombified soldiers/national guardsmen emerge. Keep up the good work, mod seems like it has a lot of potential.
  4. Yeh, the 'Feign death' is kind of a flimsy idea and probably wouldn't work all that well, thought i'd voice the idea anyway though. Yeh, Thats the one I meant. Got them mixed up and thought the AGS-30 was the American mounted GL. Although if the epidemic is limited to America, maybe the Russians see an opportunity and invade .
  5. A few other suggestions: Different ammo types:- 9mm Hollowpoints for the M9 and the mp5, better against zombies/less effective against armoured national guard/Army. Slug/flechette rounds for shotguns - far rarer than normal shotgun ammo, good against zombies and any armoured national guard/Army. Tracer ammunition for the M16A4 - Cant really think of any practical reason for it other than it'd look cool. Again, quite rare, found on dead national guard/Army personnel and at military outposts. Weapons: Mounted weapons at military outposts (AGS-30, Browning .50cal, minigun) with limited ammo/prone to overheat/jam. Not sure if the flaregun already does this, have only seen it set zombies on fire, but if fired into the air flares will hang and light an area. This is probably undoable, but the SKS bayonet should be made more powerful with the downside that it can get stuck in Zombies, disabling the players movement for a few seconds while the character pulls it out, the player drops it to resume movement, or fires a few rounds to kill the Zombie. (If something like this was even possible, it'd be cool if the same applied to other bladed weapons. With melee bladed weapons, you'd have the option to shove the zombie away instead of firing. an ammo check animation where the the character checks if there is a bullet in the chamber, maybe when you initially pick up a weapon. kind of like this: General: The ability to feign death (Like the spy in TF1) detectable by crawling torso zombies, or any that were 'locked on' to you, i.e. any zombies that see you do it will still attack you, usable once per round. Probably a bad idea, was just thinking about 'the walking dead' where a guy hides under a corpse to remain undetected by a passing horde of Zombies. A slight increase in difficulty making Zombie hordes more of a threat, at times they just feel like a nuisance/obstacle. e.g. will pursue injured team mates more aggressively making it more of a priority to watch out for eachother/Barricade and regroup. server option so that team mates are 'solid' and cant run though eachother. I realise this may be prone to abuse like blocking doorways etc, but a lot of teamkills happen when someone runs through another player who is meleeing/shooting. time limits on rounds, e.g. you have to get to the evac/a safe area before its bombed by the military. Probably should've posted this in the ideas/suggestion subforum.
  6. Basically, installed the patch (removed config.cfg, copied patch folder over NMRIH folder in sourcemods directory) now whenever I play I can't fire any weapon while using the ironsights, but can fire from the hip.