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  1. Fairly certain that was a joke. Sam Lake is the man, and not just because he was the face of Max Payne:
  2. Christ.
  3. Xbox live fee's are such a load of shit, as you say you're already paying for other services including the bloody connection itself in the first place, so having to pay for the 'privilege' of being able to play the games you've bought online is such a greedy thing to do on Microsofts part. What pisses me off even more is the fact they let you sign up for all that stuff on the XBox itself, but in order to end your subscription you have to twat about on a computer or ring them up to cancel it. First world problems, eh.
  4. Awesome, weird to think that there are so many of those abandoned tunnel systems in London just left as they were. Someone needs to base a NMRIH map around this aesthetic. Reminds of Condemned.
  5. I was very suprised to learn how little RAM the current consoles actually have: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-03-08-dishonoreds-lead-level-designer-labels-ps4s-8gb-ram-a-joy which is apparently 16X more than the PS3 has (256MB). Makes you wonder how ports get botched so badly when the average gaming PC has so much more of basically everything. And I couldn't watch that video for more than five seconds before wanting to punch both hosts repeatedly in the face.
  6. When there's no more room in Hell...... 1.07 will be released.
  7. I accidentally walked in on Sidorovich in his Bunker:
  8. Eurogamer Article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-06-08-watch-dogs-preview-placing-power-in-your-palm HD Playthrough n'shizz: I don't want to buy into marketing guff too much, but the bit where he hacks the traffic lights and gets his target into a pile up was fairly cool. I just hope it's even half as dynamic as they make it out to be. *Talking about the game being on current gen-consoles I kind of hope they just wait for the next gen consoles and put it on them, they've already done a lot of legwork and the extra power would obviously be very beneficial. It looks like it has the potential to be very good, though im a bit skeptical about all the smart phone stuff as that kind of thing always seems to just fall flat on it's arse, but i hope to be proved wrong. The last Sandbox game I really got my hopes up for was Mafia 2 and it was a bit of a disapointment after how amazingly good the first one was.
  9. By Whales, do you mean.....
  10. Bloopety-bloop
  11. Yeh, losing work due to things breaking is very annoying. ALWAYS BACK-UP, the lesson I never learn.
  12. Loving this game so far.
  13. Something i've been curious about is how the mod shotgun sunrise gets away with it, i.e. vehicles, A.I Zombies and fairly big open maps that seem to use a lot of subdivided displacements. I realise there's a lot of custom content in NMRIH and you've tried to implement completely new systems, but how is it so intensive? The Cryengine would be a good move, source seems to just hinder what you're ultimately trying to create. Couldn't you phase out development on source (one last stable build) and make the change (All hypothetical of course before someone chimes in with YOU DEMANDING BA..!!!!!!)
  14. Yeh, it's next to worthless, just use the AT nades and satchel charges. I can never understand the people who have LVL 50 AT rifles, they must have undertaken some serious bot farming with them.
  15. Whenever I see abandoned places like these, I always think they'd make for good paintball sites. Bokor mountain resort, Cambodia: This place was actually used as the set for a horror film (R-point) and does look very eerie. Hashima Island, Japan: And was used in the latest Bond film:
  16. I wouldn't mind seeing this, but I get the feeling no one would bother being a 'loader' unless it was part of an event or something i.e. non carryable mounted MG at an outpost or something that you have to defend for a period during the map, so maybe just carrying boxes of ammo to it or something and having them as placeable objects (kind of like the objective items that teleport into place when you're close enough to whatever they go with).
  17. You heartless...... That Soviet fighter ace had a family too. The tacticool brothers. They're out there somewhere....
  18. Yeh, I know it's a big ask (the weapons/animations would basically need to be overhauled) but NMRIH would be so suited to this type of thing and would really stand out because of it imo. I've seen other threads on other forums asking for the same thing in other games, but it really would make sense in and suit NMRIH.
  19. Piss and shit myself simultaneously and hope for the best.
  20. INFP JEFF HANNEMAN IS DEAD........... There, I said it. Although some questions were utterly bullshitty and clearly loaded.
  21. That makes absolutely no sense. Were Enfield No.4's also restricted at some point due to that same stipulation?
  22. Get off your high horses, i'd be willing to bet everyone who's posted in this thread has torrented something at some point. But yeh, buy it, it's cheap enough.
  23. Ruger Gun-sight scout: Modern "Scout" rifle in .308, the box mag and forward mounted scope would make it different enough from the Sako, or you could even have it with just ironsights, maybe even a red-dot. SAIGA .308: I think these have a higher capacity than the SKS so it'd be a slightly different semi-auto rifle. But it may be too AK looking for Maxx' liking. I would also like to see some kind of G3 or even an FN-Fal, no idea how common they are in America, but they'd be a good addition.
  24. I think if you go in expecting the world from this film, then obviously you're going to be disappointed. If you take it for what it is (an over the top CG infused action film) then you're more likely to enjoy it.
  25. Americans complaining about the price of ammo always irks me, the same ammo costs so much more over here it's extortionate. I don't think people should get so hung up on realism, it's really not beyond the realms of possibility there'd be an Enfield no.4 or Jungle carbine with ammo, and as I say it'd be a unique and interesting addition. If you're going to be that pedantic about realism, where are all the fully automatic MAC-11's and MP5's coming from? And before someone tries to counter that with 'it's not beyond the realms of possibility there'd be insertrareasfuckgunhere' Enfields aren't all that uncommon and there'd be ammo for them. I mean, they still find them in Afghanistan and Iraq with ammo to boot so it's really not all that out there for them to be included when the game's set in a country where both the gun and ammo are practically readily available over the counter. Also, from a gameplay perspective, fast bolting combined with 10 round capacity and bayonet would probably make it a weapon people actually want to find, though I will concede that the M44 makes a bit more sense there because they all come with folding bayonets as part of the gun.