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  1. Is that a hint to how the physics are going to work? LOL!
  2. Looks great, dude. It's really authentic to fat zombies I've seen in the classics.
  3. Where is everyone? It's real quiet right now. This mod is a dream come true for an authentic zombie fan. I'll always be here to troll the forum, and tell all the dudes in the suggestion box how their ideas don't fit with the concept, and scope of the mod. I <3 you guys.
  4. Okay, I admit it was cool the first few times a game put this in, but now it's rather a dry concept. I can see there being a fat guy zombie eventually, and from the concepts I've seen implemented into the mod so far I can safely assume he won't explode. What would be cool if in the future there would be a type of zombie that would be bloated (I'm not using the term lightly) corpse, as I find that to be the most utterly repulsive stage of decay. Question is: from a canon-Romero point of view would a zombie reach that stage? I believe I've seen it in one of his films, but I could be wrong.
  5. That's a shame. His art-style would be a good addition. It really could flow with your guys' stuff.
  6. Just make it more advantageous for the two groups to work together. Of course they could duke it out, but it would be a waste of ammo, or the potential conflicting points could be the most hectic.
  7. I like the 'Conspirator' idea. Like he is randomly selected, and has an alternative objective which is to potentially sabotage the rest of the group. Kind of like a werewolf situation that forces players to all stick together never knowing if one the other guys they are with is the Conspirator. Although, I guess this would open up a whole lot of TKing which has been addressed. It was kind of like that on release. I'd be in a room a bit away from the rest, and some dude would come in and kill me for my supplies then blame it on the zombies. I wasn't mad, oddly it actually added something to it for me. Of course the next round was a total bloodbath when everyone who he looted basically ended up going ape shit on everything, and everyone. LOL. Good times.
  8. This guy should join the team. His mapping, and scope is really top notch.
  9. I'm very impressed.
  10. It sounds like a good idea until these zombies are bunny hopping, and taking cover all the time.
  11. That's because I agree that people who exploit it should be blacklisted, but don't support any system that reduces friendly fire or removes it completely. Did you read my post, or are you jumping to conclusions?
  12. Scratch all of what I said about performance. I had forgotten that I recently added an anti-virus program to my PC, and that had been effecting my performance. I switched my DX level back, and bumpmaps are drawn, but the problem persists. It must be as you suggested that I don't have lost coast installed. I think installing lost coast is a reasonable requirement to play the map. I'm going to try it.
  13. Not even remotely possible. Main topic: You guys are all just whining. "OMG I GOT TK'D IN AN FPS /qqwrist" - it's pathetic honestly. It's hard not to troll this topic. This has been a problem in FPS for years. Learn to deal with it. Taking friendly fire out of an FPS is such a LAME (and I cannot fully express it's lameness in text alone) concept. "Gee, let's take realism out so no one gets offended, guys. After all it's not like this is a game where you blow the heads off of reanimated corpses. Guys are you with me? ... Guys?" You get tk'd and if bashing your keyboard in a rage fit wasn't enough. You had to come on here and type some long thing about your dumb idea which is spineless at best. Such bore. As for the blacklist idea I'm all for that. I just don't want to see friendly fire be nerfed because of some people cannot take reality. Be a man.
  14. I'm reporting back after *sorta* finishing the map. I fell into the water trying to jump onto the boat (extraction point), and even though I was still alive I got survivors were overrun. Bahahaha. I guess they left w/o me. Some of the best things I found about the map were all of the breakable objects, and it being atmospheric in the day time. It's a great map, and I enjoyed it a lot, even though my performance is horrible at times on the map, and my machine isn't really low end. I'm on intel duo, geforce gtx 260, 4gb ddr3. Getting 30 fps at best, while I run at 60 fps (vsync) on Chinatown. I've also noticed that while you are underwater in the main area by the boats there is no texture when you look up to the surface. I could upload a screenshot if you don't know what I mean. Other than that - thanks for the map. It's a great addition, and I look forward to playing the next release. One suggestion. I know you want to maintain the difficulty of the map, but I think there shouldn't be zombie spawns inside of the house since it's barricaded and all. It would be cool to have a safe zone on the map, where players could hold out if they choose to until survival mode is implemented. *Edit: I decided to upload screenshots. 1. Missing texture? 2. Survivors overrun? I had to lower my dx level to have a decent frame rate.
  15. Nevermind. I fixed my game. I'm going to report back. Currently running windows 7 64bit.