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  1. gunman it wast a bug its the proper way it works 5:40
  2. ya i only got 220kb/s uploaded and i aint 24/7 online
  3. looking for new active betatesters..
  4. re update svn, i uplaoded the wrong version of the bsp file
  5. The beta is updated, update ur svn's
  6. and he would get a law suit up his ass
  7. Doom 95 edition of Nmrih
  8. i might start someday on the mansion but only if i can get a couple of 3d artist and 2d artist to support me
  9. here is my way of doing it start map buildcubemaps mat_Specular 0 buildcubemaps restart map mat_specular 1 exit game and the bsp is ready
  10. its better for you to go to the start and learn the basics of entity programming within hammer
  11. lates version is up with full working plug related puzzels keys is not needed, only thing you need to do is stand on the heart key to unlock the door (its a place holder!)
  12. its rather easy....
  13. i see you couldt open the blue door, i uploaded a hot fix for that let me know what places are to dark edite updated to 1.0010
  14. use 3dsmax wallworm tool plugin