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  1. I could take a look at it if you're willing to send me a vmf. Just a bit of an update, my derilict computer is sort of on its last legs so I've bought a new computer, but it probably wont arrive for a bit. I'm laying off the map compiling/navmesh generating stuff until I've got the new computer set up.
  2. Little side suggestion for when you guys get around to it (just a neat visual detail), one of the RnL animators had entirely seperate reload aniamtions for empty chamber and full chamber, meaning the first person avatar would reload in a visually different manner depending on the state of the chamber (since they use different reload aniamtions anyways). It creates a nice sense of variety in reloading animations. Odds are you might not load your weapon in an identical fashion every time, so it's a nice way to mix it up
  3. I like the idea. I think this would definetely need to be a survival map, though unless you intend to make a a larger reconstruction of the entire movie area
  4. You're going to love the hotel then, all of the ten rooms are acessible, but most of them will probably be zombie spawns (perhaps containing supplies, also). Gonna call it quits for tonight, frankly the windy silence of the map as I walk around alone to test is starting to become really nerve racking, though that just might be because it's late. I finished up most of the town. As it stands now in the town there's a motor hotel (10 rooms) a gas station, a market, a auto mechanic garage, a forlorn house, and a hardware store. I just have the strip mall, the dispatch station (police/fire hybrid) and scrapyard to put in and I'm done with the town's structures. here's a few more shots.. some new, and some misc stuff. This is the "barred gate" objective at the market where you need to walk through the zombie infested surroundings and dislodge the gates. The garage. Doors havn't been set up as objectives yet, but everything works. Misc ~artistic~ shot The hardware store
  5. I dont know, its pretty hard to stay in one place because it starts to get eerie. There's a constant dead wind that is always whispering in the background. This map is going to be terrifying when I'm running around trying to test the map with actual zombies, its creepy enough when it's empty
  6. Well I may imrpove upon the truck, but probably wont be anything spectacularly fancy. Though I like your idea of having to use the truck to boost yourself up to hidden places, hadn't actually thought of that.A A few updates here: - In town the objective will be to open a defunct and barricaded car garage. The highway is jammed solid with burnt out car pileups and a mess of zombies, so to clear the town you need to detour your truck through a back alley which is only accesible through a barricaded car garage with a broken door mechanism. You'll need some items and tools that are scattered throught the town to get the car garage open. - I've commnited to adding a small lumbermill next to the highway, so that'll be one of the detours you'll need to take, and it'll have its own internal objective/s Here's some screenshots of shit you haven't seen. Tweaked the lighting a bit and added an env_sun (finally) Shot of the draw bridge/dam. Tried my best to make the scene gruesome and ominous, to distract anybody with the short straw to try and hop their way across the corosive chemical spill And here's some shots of the town (it's still a pretty big WIP) thanks to h. drescher who donated the zombo mart.
  7. *snippity* (had some image problems)
  8. I wouldnt get too excited about the truck. The fact that it even qaulifies as "mostly functional" is almost a miracle. It's really just a utility that allows maps of this scale to work and be fun, but the truck itself is always going to be pretty minimalistic.
  9. Logistical problem for a draw bridge more lies in the fact that they draw so boats can go under them Could make it more of a "flood bridge" type thing that raises to avoid high water flows. Or maybe a small dam. edit Its a bit crude, but I'll "grunge it up" later with a flipped waste disposal truck, and some more trees around the area.
  10. Those all sound good, will probably put most of those in. Might have difficulty with the drawbridge though as implementing a river could be difficult Well to be fair I wasnt really working on it most of that time. I just get tired of mapping on occasion, but I'm back into it now. Unfortuntely the prevalence of player collisions might make entering and exiting the truck quite difficult, hopefully a more elegant system other than solid player collisions will be added in, as that would inadvertantly fix my problem.
  11. Been a while since the last update. Put some more work into it.. I've got about 95% of the roads done, so Ill be working on the objectives soon. As for objectives I think I'm going to have multiple car obstructions in the dark tunnel that the survivors need to push out of the way, there will be a semi-truck pileup near the roadside market/weighin station in which players will need to open up a sidepath and drive around the market. In the town the armored milk truck will run out of gas, and you'll need to raid the gas station and a nearby auto part store for various supplies (there`ll be other stores and homes with various other goodies in them), on the long strip of highway there'll be a "highway of death" type scenrio and you'll need to take a drive along a derilict cliffside roadway to get around it, in the "boonies" section I think I'll have a a zombie infested motor-inn that you need to wade your way through (I`ll think of a reason why) I'd still like more ideas though so if you can think of something feel free to write it down. In the mean time heres two shots. Ive started using a new type of tree card that I feel looks a lot better: Heres an overhead shot of the map:
  12. Well the "good "evil" thing was mostly resource managment since I know the literal "character" models take long time to make. The current character models all have a really friendly movie reference vibe to them and are all all very specific in nature. The thug side could just have more generic bad guy models and retextured/recolored assets to save time on model making. If it was 16 player it'd be pretty hard to make another 8 totally unique player models so something more generic would be a good choice. Still just a suggestion though, the logistics like that would be for developers to figure out
  13. There's a functional national guard NPC in hammer that fires upon zombies and ingores players.
  14. This is just a style of gamemode to think about.. I'm not sure that it has been done before in, well, ANY game really so it'd be an origional concept. Basically the idea would be to have two teams that need to compete against each other for survival. One "good" side comprised of the "normal" survivors using the standard player models, and another group comprised of arbitrarily evil murderers/phycopaths/escaped convicts/gang members, etc who aim to kill and steal from good people to ensure their own survival. I guess it's a more cynical view of the zombie apocalypse, but I think a gamemode in which two groups of players need to compete against each other for survival would be quite a lot of fun. You see it happen in a lot of post apocalyptic movies (including zombie films) in which a gang of cuthroats may attempt to steal from a group of "good" survivors ("book of eli," "walking dead," "mad max 1&2," and "the road" to name a few), so I think it fits in pretty well with the popular culture fanfare. Feature list *could* include: - 16 player games. 8 on the "good" side and 8 on the "bad" side. The "bad" side could get some new interchangable player models that look more "evil" and thuggish" - Zombies still roam around as normal, so the zombies are a common enemy/haphazard for both teams. Having to worry about zombies AND getting shot/stabbed would make for some intense gameplay and clever tactics. - Larger, non-linear maps with objectives scattered across them, objectives which both teams need to go for. - Objectives could include needing to raid abandoned stores/gunshops, salvage gasoline or vehicle parts, or to fortify specific locations against attack. - Keep in the ability to set up barricades, either to stop zombies or to hamper/screw-over the other team by blocking passages and doorways. At the end of the game, the surviving team members and number of complete objectives could be tallied up to determine who wins the game. Either that or each map could have a "final" objective that both teams need to work towards, and that could determine the winner. If both teams die it could be a "draw." I know it doesnt *nessesarily* fit the coop style of the game, but it'd be something new, and when it comes down to it you'd still be cooperating with your own team to wipe out the other team while evading zombies so in a sense it's still cooperative
  15. I approve of this idea. Made a drivable truck for one of my maps, but the fact that there's "solid" collsiions makes it so players can easily get stuck inside each other when entering/exiting the vehicle. I suppose my reasons are selfish, but this really would solve my problem