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  1. lmao SickJoe. Fucking guy was playing WoW alot (while also developing a huge entitlement and ego) and got behind in social skills thats why he couldn't get a gf. He didn't want to put in the hardwork to improve his game.
  2. lmao, did they use this killer's speech as inspiration for their intro dialog. 3 days later: youtube.com/watch?v=QJc234jkJ2w
  3. I was thinking, I wouldn't be able to play the main character. I want to kill him back in self defense. The game would end the second it starts cause I would shoot myself. Lmao
  4. When the one dude was killed by the shotgun at 1:03, I felt bad inside. This is awful.
  5. 8=====D~~~~( . )( . )

  6. Trap music, I'll pass. lol
  7. Joe, you think too much man or something. You're writing novels all too often.
  8. Whats your boggle.

  9. Listening to Turn down for what while Sickjoe destroys his toilet.
  10. Don't need no stinkin key

  11. Never stubbed my foot on a fire hydrant, but I guess shit happens.
  12. I eat probably way too much boiled eggs and oatmeal.
  13. Warrriorrrss, Come out to play.