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  1. well i would do the same with my gun if i dont have some other meele weapon. may make a switch function so use the weapon as meele anytime. in some other great game (condemned) u can do this too to save ammo or space in the inventory. very good idea, i woud prefer it realy in the overnext update XD
  2. Hmm NPCs would be cool. so may in some object maps u can meet some peoples they can help u to survive and get here ass self out of the aria. if they die on escapeway, well... but a cool idea. but i think its difficult to make good onces. but u guys make it, im shure.
  3. Well i know the games play in us or somwere in America. but is it possible may to add some more spoken languages to the game? like l4d? if make a little mod for my language that makes me more to play it. the standart voice actor is, well... not my taste. anyway if not if got still my personal mod ^^
  4. Sorry for dubble post but if got some more bugs: On the map northway mall the helicopter dont drop anytime the supply correct, it stuck on the roof sometimes. also the heli circle a while around the hole before he may drop the supplies correct to the hole. maybe make it a little bit bigger . the Stamina is very weak. u think u play a grandpa. after 2 -3 hits with a melee gun u cant do anything more. not shove back a grabber or bash him. u go die, bleedout or infectet. well after a fight u need to pause a while but not so fast.
  5. Ah ok thy. possible, they come may in 4-5 weeks by a hotfix? ^^ i dont want to speed it up only know what u guys think is a possible date^^ some pros: - the new hud menus are better as the old ones : i can now finaly see by quick select how muche ammo reserve if got. - the limit reserve ammo by wight is muche better, so most player dont longer "steal" ammo they dont need at time. - winchester is so damit cool, for me now the second best gun in the game. - new maps looks very good. - good that the character say after reload how muche magazine or clips are left. some con: -some things we found were that some ammo check sounds are a little bit to quietly, i cant understand them. and if i check ammo reserve in second menu i drop it if i select it but i dont click on it. - the icons of the ammoboxes in ammo menu are a little bit to small. the become bigger if u select them but for first fast locking to small i think. specel if im on a noteboock. - sometimes i cant carry the first aid bag. not in my inventory or at front like if my inventory is full. when i drop a gun pickit up than and than agan my gun it works. - ammo check (hold r) if like it more to show hud with exatly bullits/shells are left. may a combination of voice and hud are possible? its a cool game and the most changes of 1.05 patch are very cool. good work, keep the mod alive.
  6. If finaly finish the DL and the first i want to test were of course the new guns. so if add them to may fast load script files to test them local with friends. but everytime on all maps (the maps in v 1.05 or custom) 2 guns wount load. if tried many times with my melee script (example ^^) "exec nahkampfwaffen" but it says anytime by the knife: Attempted to create unknown entity type me_kitknife! all other melee guns spawn. Same to whan i try to spawn weapons: Attempted to create unknown entity type fa_mkiii! there too all old and the mac and winchester spawn but not the pistol. and if dont can find them ingame by normal spawn. whats wrong?
  7. Hallo. Is there any way with a sourcemod plugin or simple cvar console commands to make the ammo reserve higher? like 9 mm from 60 to 200? if foud a server that has a ammo mod but noob unlimmet. i want only to get more reserve ammo.
  8. Hallo. Im Deutsch / German native here the german translation: "My gun is full" "Meine Waffe ist voll" "My gun is almost full" "Meine Waffe ist noch fast voll" "My gun is over half full" "Meine Waffe ist noch mehr als halb voll" "My gun is half full" "Meine Waffe ist noch halb voll" "I'm out of bullets" "Ich habe keine Munition mehr" "Yes" "Ja" or "Jawohl" "No" "Nein" "Thank you" "Dankeschön" or short like Thanks: "Danke" "Follow me" "Folge mir" "Stay here" "Warte hier" "I need help" "Ich brauche Hilfe" "I need ammo" "Ich brauche Munition" "I have (number) rounds left" (need numbers 1 through 15) 1 Ich habe nur noch eine Patrone übrig! 2 Ich habe noch zwei Patronen über! 3 Ich habe noch drei Patronen über! 4 Ich habe noch vier Patronen über! 5 Ich habe noch fünf Patronen über! 6 Ich habe noch sechs Patronen über. 7 Ich habe noch sieben Patronen über. 8 Ich habe noch acht Patronen über. 9 Ich habe noch neun Patronen über. 10 Ich habe noch zehn Patronen über. 11 Ich habe noch elf Patronen über. 12 Ich habe noch zwölf Patronen über. 13 Ich habe noch dreizehn Patronen über. 14 Ich habe noch vierzehn Patronen über. 15 Ich habe noch fünfzehn Patronen über.
  9. Hi. well after the 1.03 update i see that some weapons, the firearms, have new animations. lile the 2 barrel shootgun by reloading. the pistols have too new draw/deploy animations. well my question is: can u make in a future update the old and new animations together? i mean like the m16: it has 2 reloading anims by empty reload. so may u can combin the old and new anims of the 2 barrel shootgun 50/50 like the m16. same for the pistols. by a 50/50 chance u see the normal deploy or the cocking by deploy. btw: i realy like the magazinsize + 1 (example 1911: 7 +1). make the specel the 1911 and shootguns stronger and better!
  10. Well its not the best option but still more helpful as nozhing. but im still looking for the real once. i want to set some guns and ammo fix at the startpoints, may i use one or two ammp drop suplies, the have anytime different countens. and im still looking out for the pills and firstaid kit cvars. one of them at start will be fine. but still not found out, how to spawn. may someon can let me a hand there.
  11. and how to spawn ammo boxes? want to make a mod and need there cvars. ty for help.
  12. Try Web.de for me it has work. GMX banned? lol why not google? ^^ I understand that fo 10minutesmail or something other like this but gmx?
  13. Well and HOW? I have same problem ...
  14. I have muche problems with the sw revolver: when i dont use the ironsigjts i can shoot fast all 6 bullets, but on aim i need by every shoot manual cock the hammer back and when i get out of the aim he cock the hammer 2 times. no way to shove a zombey, i die ervery time or get intectet. this take mucht to long time, melee/shove with the revolver.
  15. I agree with this. But only if you stand directly by the item, like 2 meters or so. also a inventory status, how muche you can carry/how muche this item will need in the inventory will be nice.