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  1. On your new runs, can you leave out the music? I really can't stand it. :\
  2. Why are there so many? It's hard to find a game that's not. What's the point of taking out the challenge? It's boring if you can just easily kill everything. Bleh.
  3. I got the emulator working. Waiting on ethernet cable and I should be good to go online... hopefully.
  4. How do you get a Jap bios? I'm still figuring out this emulator shit. I have PCSX2
  5. I really like the menu and server loading music. Anyway to DL them?
  6. Every server I've played in since the update has this bug.
  7. The military wouldn't be dropping you weapons
  8. Steam page is up. I felt this song was appropriate for the occasion.
  9. I don't think anyone at Valve will be coming into the office at 1am.
  10. I'm talking about the lowest of the low as far as ammo goes. Before the great gun scare of 2012, you could get a case of Tula all day for $200. I also bought a case of 5.56 M855 for $300. Now you'd be lucky to find them for under $300 and $550, respectively.
  11. I really hope this turns out well.
  12. Yay

    Glad to see this finally coming out on Steam.
  13. You know things are shitty when you buy 1,000 rounds of .223 Tula for $260, and that's considered a "good deal". I missed out on a 100 rounds of brass 9mm for $20 sale, and that makes me sad.
  14. SIG P228 or P229 if you're wanting to add another handgun caliber (.40 or .357 SIG)