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  1. It took a bloody long time but I've fleshed out the outside. It isn't as big as I have invisioned but I really don't like making cliffs and slopy grass it makes my head spin from very very very slow crafting. Maybe I'll be able to do it faster with experience and not make so much mistakes that it took 8 tries to get one single side done right... or at least some what right. Now it's time for some merciless internal decoration. Oh right. I have to make a skybox too *facepalm*
  2. Make this game in cryengine or ue that'd make a 'true realism'. I'm not necessarily thinking of graphics or performance. It's just easier to work with... but then if you spent years on source engine it'd make it just as easy as any other.
  3. To my memory sks is the gun with the bayonet. I know current update makes the sks much much slower to melee zombies with and I can understand why they'd do that. But instead of looking it as a melee as a gun it's horrible when it comes to fending off zombies that get too close. I mean back in pervious updates people who held sks would always prefer to stab zombies than to shoot them so here's a few option into changing the nerf. Alternating Melee/Shove The gun still melees with bayonet but it keeps the attack interval that the current build has. When player tries to melee during the recover interval player would shove (gunwhip) the zombie instead. Shoving has its own attack interval but its over written when melee interval finishes. Increased Stamina Cost Melee attack of sks is the same to previous builds (RoF equates to slightly less than any other gun). However stamina drains 1.5x of what it use to be.
  4. ^^^^^ Exactly. Besides nmrih doesn't sell skins or dlc guns either
  5. Here's a quick video of how much changed. I'm rearranged and cut down on almost everything. I've also changed a few things and not to mention that I've painstakingly added the door frames... man, doing those small repetitive things are giving me OCD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfz3pi3fbM8 sorry I don't know why the video doesn't embed.
  6. Sigh. Visrad.exe crashes when I compile the map everytime now. Minor set back. I have a tricky question. Does func_detail seal in areaportals or must areaportals seal in func_detail brushes? Also do you think using 256x256 grid for displacement (as the grass) will slow down the game or is the displacement itself too cheap (performance wise) to consider? Here's a few little hints of what the map will have. - Hidden items (e.g. behind a wooden pannel) - Plenty guns. Lack of ammo. - Annoying platforming for OPTIONAL reward - Sacrifice (completely optional) - Dam and forest - Helicopter and fire - Very linear objective (like china town)
  7. Blarg. Legit necroposting here and I'm sure you might not expect what I'm about to say but I have been working on this map all this time. I've been crafting this map very very very slowly adding new rooms and fixing bugs here and there but I couldn't test the map till 1.06 (for a very frustrating 'invalid user ID' error). I've tested it recently and I personally think that the map itself does look good but doesn't make sense very much and is very unorganised. So... here's my solution for most of the crap that piled up in the map design. I'm carving it down and reinvent it and also make it more like the inspiration map from killing floor Hope to show you guys something meaty soon (valve term 'soon').
  8. Make a competition to see who can make a best forum template
  9. jangsy5 has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?

  10. Yeah I'd like full access too (ID: Jangsy5)
  11. So far no one has defaced the page I made. link
  12. I'd like to add some things that'll draw in newcomers to the mod but unfortunately I still can't edit the main pages of the wiki. If I do gain permission to do so I'll add all the official maps with bg stories and also the offical community map too. I was mainly focusing on adding detail and explantations of the mod features but I think there's always room for more knowledge.
  13. So long as valve doesn't get into bed with blizzovision I'm ok. It's kinda interesting what will happen though.
  14. My wiki id is Jangsy5... as always.
  15. Aw then I guess I won't be helping in the wiki since you really can't edit the main page since it's locked.