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  1. In realism mode, you can kill zombie, with 1 headshot.
  2. arg cant wait, i wanna test it
  3. Yeah no more rushers or rambos
  4. Resident Evil Outbreak did zombie mode when players dies. You become a slow zombie, with stupid moves, and easy to kill. Like another normal zombie My answer is YES. Control your zombified character will be amazing, but with limitations, like outbreak, cant climb ladders, cant dodge because are slow...But can open or destroy doors, or barricades
  5. Pinned this :S
  6. Pm sended
  7. Wow yeah, please send me the map, i wanna test it without objectives Im fan of Resident Evil saga
  8. Amazing O_O
  9. yup maybe too blue... Release date?
  10. and shaking of fear, that can be funny for iron sights brbrrbrbrbrbrbbrr!!
  11. Is the texture settings, you need change this to MEDIUM. No crashes anymore. All HIGH except Textures
  12. OMG looks scary has hell! Keep working please, this map rocks seriously. Flashlight time!
  13. In normal mode or realism mode, you can add FEAR status. When you are grabbed or bitten be a zombie, the character starts to breath fast, and you can ear your heartbeat, standing in front of a zombie too many time, can increase your fear. Your vision blurs and the character starts scream, this noise alerts more zombies Is good idea add FEAR or PANIC in NMRIH? Will be nice and realistic
  14. You cant push zombies or hit objects when you hold flare gun
  15. Im playing with my friend, he was infected and die in the "go to the extraction point" cinematic. He stands up, and start bite me. I cant move because the cinematic.