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  1. Because killing yourself when it gets down to 5 zombies to have a better chance of surviving the next wave is rather dumb. You should at least fully heal if you had respawn tokens that went unused. Just seems sort of silly that you're punished for surviving. Speaking of the respawn tokens, I feel like it'd be a better mechanic overall if they were handed out less often, but didn't expire at the end of the wave.
  2. Yesterday I turned on sv_showlagcompensation 1, didn't seem to show anything in any circumstance. Are zombies missing lag compensation entirely? It would explain why perfectly lined up headshots often just create a blood mark on the model without doing any damage.
  3. The welding being extremely difficult to do on most of the doors has been a bug in the game since it's release. Any plans on that getting fixed? I've also seen a few people crash when a zombie grabs onto them. And another thing, none of the menu background tracks play automatically like they're intended to. EDIT: Forgot to mention another bug, you can't use the flashlight with the Wrench, it spams the console with errors if you try. EDIT: And yet another thing. I haven't seen a server successfully change map yet. Every time I've seen servers change map, they've always crashed.
  4. Keep in mind I'm not trying to compare this mod to other games. I understand this one is different. However, the other games have something to keep the replay value steady, and this one doesn't really.... have replay value. That's all, really. I think if you guys added more replayability or more challenge that this game would have a much more steady playerbase.
  5. I'm just going to be honest - this game doesn't have very many players. It used to have tons of hype, it's fairly new, so why doesn't it have loads and loads of players? The game is like, dead. And I don't mean it's not being worked on, I mean it's not being played. I think I know why. It's the lack of replayability. Other zombie cooperative games have plenty of things going for it that keep the game fresh - Zombie Master, Zombie Panic!: Source, and Left 4 Dead all have methods of keeping players playing. ZM and ZPS have simple reasons - the zombie enemies have something controlling them, and you never know what they will do. They also have more maps, different types of zombies, bosses, ect. L4D has pretty much the same reason, except with some dynamic pathing, dynamic item spawns, dynamic director, ect. I don't intend to compare these games with NMRiH, I'm just simply pointing out that the other games have a way to keep players in the game. Now, don't get me wrong. I am in no way suggesting this game gets player controlled zombies. I'm just simply stating that other popular zombie games have replayability, while this one just seems to lack it entirely. Once you figure the maps out, it becomes either far too easy, or repetative. The zombies rarely pose a threat. It's never scary when you can just run around everything. So that kind of ruins the horror feel, if that's what you guys were going for. Lack of sounds also ruin immersion, or the bugs. I don't know what's being developed or planned, but as of right now the mod feels pretty dead already, and it's only been a month. Please, whatever you do, make this mod have replayability, or have something going for it that will keep players around. I like the effort and fixes, but it just feels like it's going to waste with nobody playing. Thanks for reading.
  6. Every single decorative dock pillar at the end of Chinatown is a godspot if you sit on the edge of it. Fix please?
  7. Alright. I downloaded the new patch off of file planet. Replaced old mod, ect, added my old CFG back, and my game shows up on Steam as NMRiH (Dev Build). I'm assuming you guys just forgot to change the name but
  8. Oh, how I agree so much. This game is too easy to be entertaining after a couple of days :/ I loved it when it came out, but now it's just not fun anymore. There are several god-spots (most notably the end of china town) way too many chainsaws, zombies don't chase you, shove has VERY little stamina penalty, and you can run for quite awhile. Runners are not so much of a threat, but you never should shoot any zombie except those. All the others? No threat, ever, unless they're blocking your path. Please make this game harder or atleast add difficulty settings.
  9. I'm actually going to be honest - the entire game is easy. I can finish all of the maps solo. Boringly simple & repetative :/ For chinatown, if you get a chainsaw with fuel in it + a fuel pick up, you're set for the entire map. I've seen atleast 5 chainsaws in one round before, plus that garunteed fuel pickup in that little room near the spawn exit. Some people like it the way it is, so here's a thought: Difficulty settings. Perhaps higher difficulties would decrease the amount of items spawned, make you fatter (not be able to sprint as long), and heavily increase the rate of fuel that the chainsaw consumes. Also just make zombies more threatening in general.
  10. The devs have already went over it. If you have a 32 bit OS, then you'll need to have your texture quality set to Medium or you will crash. If you're on a 64 bit OS, there's a setting you can change for hl2.exe that will make it stop crashing. The crash is because of the huge amount of custom materials used in NMRiH maps. Hope this helps. http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6600
  11. Does this mean the game will crash more as you add more content?
  12. Using the steam overlay (especially the browser) is a pretty reliable way to crash this game. I've gotten a lot of crashes by doing that, and a couple of crashes in map-changes.
  13. Thanks... the Player List button seems to still be broken for me, though. Like, on the main menu, where you mute people. That list is broken.
  14. Cabin ATM is the easiest map in the game.. I've seen it finished several times with all 8 players alive. To entertain themselves, people would shoot eachother at the extraction point. Could we get a difficulty bump on this map? It's just not fun.
  15. Haven't got the lump 53 error so far, but I did get an unusual hl2.exe crash when changing map. (The map was switched normally on one of the official servers) http://www.mediafire.com/?d8mis2jpl001rjx The "always shows the right loading screen" fix also doesn't work.