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  1. So much games to play and so much alcohol to drink...

  2. Holy cow ! im' going to follow this map really closely.
  3. Mmm interesting ! And the map nicely fit with it, too bad i already know it by hearth.
  4. We are in august 2010, as always im screwing around on moddb. Then suddenly i saw that advert: "Nightmare House 2 released" Mmm yeah what about ? Got nothing to do tonight. 5 hours later, i felt like i'd just play one of the best single player mod ever created on source. If you haven't try it yet, JUMP ON IT ! This is a really impressive work you got here. http://www.moddb.com/mods/nightmare-house-2 For me that's a masterpiece of modding. So you ? what do you think about it ?
  5. Meanwhile in Europe... We pretty much don't care about Halloween !
  6. Here's what i get, for this time just once: http://imageshack.us/f/231/dwm2011103116531750.jpg/ If someone already got this error...
  7. It's not only for windows 7, iv got a friend on vista and he's got the same troubles as we do.
  8. weeee ! Thanks desura for mess up the game ! Now i have to re-download everything !
  9. Hey there ! so im (finnaly) here after some technical problems... Anyway, not much to say about me... Some may know me as "Dr.goupyl" on moddb. What else i can say ? i'm following this mod since a long of time and we'll see soon if it worth the weight ! Oh and im also here to make azultain a little less lonely on the French topics. So as we say in Normandy: boujou ché té !