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  1. Yeah, upload them to imgur.
  2. I really like SVN, could I have an option to get patches that way?
  3. >increasing voice distance >increasing max carried ammo >batteries for flashlights >medkits, increased health >op's face when he is a baby who needs his hand held when playing games
  4. Molotov is gay. There's your gay dude. As for races, I am still waiting on them adding Jules.
  5. I am enjoying the game, it's just that it's not all that hard anymore because of this unintended playstyle. It could be remedied by making the zombies more alert.
  6. I don't take myself seriously either.
  7. In TTT the spectators can posses props and toss them around. Also, WANTING SOMETHING TO DO AS SPECTATOR?
  8. >medkits >rare fast zombies >more than 1 pill
  9. Just soloed a game on realism on broadway. Yep, game confirmed for babies.
  10. NMRiH appears to be designed for people who are completely incompetent. As soon as you figure out the games biggest secret the game becomes piss easy. The game is only hard (very hard, actually) if you're playing it wrong. Basically, what people don't seem to get is that you can ignore most zombies and shove the rest of them out of the way. The difficulty comes from fucktards trying to beat back a zombie horde with their fists rather then walking around the zombie horde and completing the map fairly fast while not getting hit. The only zombies you really have to worry about are the fast ones which actually move faster then the default runspeed. It doesn't seem to be getting any better. The developers aren't going to make it any harder for fear of alienating the new player that seems that wants to play this game like Dead Rising: Preschool Edition rather then No More Room in Hell. So, we either make the zombies actually try to attack people and stop nerfing things like FF or we have a horrible mix of difficult elements in a piss-easy game.
  11. Drastically? I didn't realize we were making babby's first zombie game here. This guy was infected, and i emptied my clip into him and he survived. Change FF back to normal.
  12. Even in servers with mp_friendlyfire 1, ff does not work at all. What gives?