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  1. Cut off for Halloween has happened. Feel free to continue submitting for the next update!
  2. Just an update, we're making the cut off date for this update the 24th so the team has time to test the maps. Feel free to post past that date though for the next update
  3. Hey there aspiring level designer, do you have an awesome map you think should be included in the game? Do you look at our stuff and go "I bet I can do that"? Well you're in luck because we are looking to start adding in community maps so everyone can enjoy your work! To submit your map for consideration please fill out the following: Map Name: Description: One paragraph long backstory: Link(s) to at least 3 screenshots: User names of everyone who has worked on it and a link to their Steam account: A list of all who contributed assets and how we can contact them: Download link for a zip file containing all necessary files to run the map: Link to thread on this forum or our steam one that is about your map: By submitting your map you are telling us that you are not using any stolen work and that if selected would be okay with giving us the VMF (for bugfixing, optimization, etc). Once we have made a decision about your map we will respond in your thread along with some constructive criticism. Please understand that we're a busy bunch so it might take us some time to get everyone who's making this decision to play the map and voice their thoughts internally. A map that is rejected does not mean it is permanently rejected. If you update your map after a decision has been made, please post a change log in your maps thread and post a comment here saying "Updated" along with a link to the thread. Understand though that unless we feel there has been significant changes made we will not look at it. So really put some work in to to make that map shine! This is to keep this thread from becoming overly cluttered and from turning us into your personal Q&A team. For Halloween update the cut off date is the 24th so that we have a week to go over submissions
  4. Hey everyone Wazanator here and I would like to let everyone know that we are hoping to get a map pack out this Halloween! We had lofty goals for 1.10, but our plans scaled back as our focus shifted to the future with NMRiH2, new technologies and the promise of delivering an amazing successor for all of you. The one thing we can do, though, is bring you some excellent new maps! While we will be adding in some new maps of our own we thought it might also be a good time to start looking at getting some of our more active community members that have been making custom maps involved. If you are interested in having us look at your map to see if we can add it to the main game please see this thread. Never made a map before but would like to? Check out this tutorial! So what does this mean for future No More Room in Hell 1 patches? As most of the team has shifted it’s focus to the sequel we are looking at freezing features. What this means is instead of new gameplay mechanics you can instead look forward to things such as new maps, new art assets, and bug fixes. We are not abandoning NMRiH, we love this game and the community it has attracted to it too much to let that happen. Going forward we would like to have the occasional update where we put out a call for community made content so that others who don't check out our forums where people post really cool maps can get a chance to play them in addition to anything we've been working on. We will of course be giving these contributors credit where credit is due. If you have any questions about this or want to express any concerns please leave a comment and we will try to address them.
  5. This looks really good I can't wait to try it!
  6. Sounds great, perfect thing I can have playing while I'm studying or working!
  7. Add this to your launch options: -windowed -noborder That will put it in windowed borderless mode, works in any Source engine game.
  8. Okay I tested it on my end and the issue is that with -dxlevel 81 you can not use our newest shaders. Here's how to disable them: 1. Open the options menu 2. Click the multiplayer tab 3. Click advanced 4. Uncheck Film Grain, Lens Flare, Depth of Field and HBAO Here's a video if you need a visual: Also please be aware that officiallly we only support DirectX 98 and higher.