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  1. He means the aiming dead zone. If you have played Insurgency its in there too. I personally don't like it in the slightest, as it feels clunky and its really not that fun to play with (at least to me). It might be interesting to see NMRIH using it, since it makes it harder to aim without ironsights, and could make it more realistic (Who knows).
  2. We have already discussed this and have it planned. We first need to make new zombie animations.
  3. It just links back to this page.
  4. I am a developer, and AK variants aren't hard to come by because they are so cheap.
  5. Im seeing so many ridiculous uncommon guns getting mentioned. And maxx, I think you should add the AK varient (47 o 74) because I love it and I will love you forever <3
  6. Those animations look pretty old, do you have any newer stuff? And do you have examples of props we can see?
  7. Those Dead Trigger screens look amazing for a handheld. Is the game available for my cock or my tampon, or even Ipod? Also do you know of app store apps can run on my Imac or Macbook?
  8. Valve has to manually enable and create a workshop for games, it needs to be integrated with the game (At least I think so).
  9. Its because you arent linking to the image, you are linking to the website page that displays the image.
  10. Sorry for the bump, but if you are recompiling any model that wasnt originally compiled as a player model, you will get this error.
  11. "$bastexture2"
  12. Funny, I had done something like this too but not to this extent (Just made the reticle smaller). It looks great though! I think Im going to use your version.
  13. This would be a neat mechanic to add to the game. Obviously the VIP would need to be player controlled.
  14. Just to let you know, buying a game and playing it in Beta is not the same as being a beta tester.
  15. Ive played it awhile ago. It isnt very fun at its current stage as everything is super buggy.