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  1. Who even reads this shit?

  2. Hi, would you be willing to provide me a VMF of one of your maps? I'd like to get an idea of your build process and how you structure everything. You can provide a zipped VMF via PM if you like (just upload via Mega or something). VMF's are extremely compressible, so please do compress in .rar, .zip, or .7z beforehand.
  3. Holy shit, there's a spot to put words here.

  4. Our developers have been working with the Source engine for years (many nearly a decade now), and you cannot simply acquire the skill-set and experience necessary to work on a game like this over night. It takes a great deal of effort, dedication, and experience, as well as excellent communication skills to work on a team like this. If you drastically improve your English language skills, provide a portfolio of previous work, and show us you have what it takes, then we may reconsider in the future.
  5. Add me up. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bacon333 Just be sure to leave a comment saying you saw me here, or I'll probably ignore it.
  6. We're also using a newer engine. Valve dropped DX7 support when the Orange Box came out, so even if HL2 ran on the old iGP, it might not on the newer engine as it's simply more graphically intense all around. (In addition to only accepting DX8 +). Right now you can get an AMD R9 270 for like 80$ on eBay (or locally to save on shipping) due to the cryptocurrency miner dump (cards are originally like $200). Couple that with some old 50$ core 2 duo that you might be able to get off eBay or your local recycling center, and you would likely have a *very* good setup capable of running most new games on medium-high settings @ 1080p. Just make sure the PSU is sufficient. Basically, PS4 graphics for hopefully <$150.
  7. I've been on the team for quiet a while (~2 years), but off and on. I have a couple large scale projects in development. I'd de-compile but I prefer to just have the original file. Avoids having to deal with bullshit errors that occasionally crop up with de-compilers, and you also tend to retain a bit of metadata you might otherwise lose. Anyway, if you send me the original file, I'll put any changes into a separate vis-group and send it back to you.
  8. I'd be willing to look over brushwork integrity and check over vis, if you'd like. Just send me a link with the VMF and I could look over it.
  9. Don't even think of doing texturing, prop placement, entity work, or decal placement, or anything else until the basic brushwork is solid, the map compiles, and vvis takes <1 second to run. Then, and only after the basic brushwork is in place, do you do entity work. However, make sure to plan all of this out beforehand, as it's very important that the map's design is conducive to a fun gameplay experience. In addition, and as mentioned above, you do need to work within the parameters of what you'd (mostly) expect in the real world (there are some exceptions, but they have to be carefully thought out) if you want your map to look realistic. If the map sucks ass without detail, it'll suck ass with detail. Gameplay is king. Anyway, I would actually suggest posting again once you get the basic geometry / gameplay mechanics done (in this thread). I could possibly quickly review your VMF for you. We'll review that, and tell you if you're on the right track. Once everything is detailed afterwards we'll see what happens.
  10. Source 2 better have more advanced glass.

  11. is currently making a thing

  12. Can't wait for your underground map to be released, I'd just like to let you know that underground military themed maps are one of my many fetishes.

  13. Mmmm, It was in fairly good shape when I was on the team in 2008/2009. They've definitely done an assload of work and it's definitely going to come out. When? Well, I can't convey that kind of information. Too many 'dynamics' to take into account, really.