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  1. we should really have some female characters! and oh wait, we have an applicant that likes female characters! And all of them are wonderful! I would say welcome to the team, but just wait for orders from our lord maxx!
  2. I'll come to yo house at night and shout XBOX ON and XBOX WATCH PORN, yea for some reason almost 80% of the people that were watching the live event on their 360's got their consoles turned off because the CEO kept saying XBOX AHAH
  3. I might be curious, but I have a crucial question, do you know anything about rigging and animating for source using blending animations? Other than that, I like what I see
  4. I approve of this application
  5. Too bad, i've already posted the video on the team's forum Your last year skill is better than everything I've seen in years of animating ;D
  6. Damn I would ask you to make a sample, but I know how hard it is to make Thirdperson animations If you want to talk just hit me on steam: mfelix93
  7. Hello there! Nice to see finally a thirdperson animator! I'm Se7en and one of the fp animators, i like what i see in that reel, you seem to know how to rig and to get fluid movements, but one question tho, do you know how to work with blending animations in source?
  8. It's funny how there are NO animations from cod there, just a bunch of skins made by me and some friends a LONG time ago (end of 2010), why noone takes their time to actually learn 3d design if they so desire to make a game? That project will die because the original gamemode from WaW/Black Ops is 100000x times better executed, this could be good if the design/coding of the mod were atleast above decent. So yea, please stop using skins for a mod! Activision might sue you for using content and distributing it for free bundled in a Source mod and I know what I'm saying because me and IMBrokeRU got a warning from their lead designer, that's why i deleted most of my videos, so watch out for the high hopes on "They will never know" excuse.
  9. This will make CSGO 10000x better!! Priceless idea I got, valve should hire me now
  10. No link needed, use the Source SDK provided with TF2 on Steam
  11. Unknown made a map and hosted it on his dedicated server, this happened 36 bots, no lag at all
  12. So, today I was checking out csgo's sdk and tried to merge the m9 (replacing the fiveseven), here i got some screenshots Dynamic and better shadows, also available on v_models, better understanding of shaders and post processing awesomeness, i must say the engine is freakin old and should be gone by now and replaced by a new one, but everyone knows valve and they want to reach everyone's specs and not just the high-end pc gamers. btw the m9 looks great and ofc this is just a skin in csgo, don't go nuts and all like "OMG NMRIH IN CSGO'S ENGINE"..
  13. Well atleast they are trying something new, instead of more MW2.75
  14. Why?