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  1. Great stuff! Keep them coming. I've been on a Carpenter Brut kick lately and these are right up that alley.
  2. Although it is a cool ambiance that you've added to your audition lines, having the background sounds makes it hard to tell how clean your recording setup is. As for the performance itself, I would hope to hear a lot more fear and panic in your reads. Undead apocalypse.
  3. Nice range and I like the production on your demo. I'd like to hear something a bit closer to what we'd be doing as far as one of the survivors is concerned. Can you record a few examples like lines that are in the game now (needing help, announcing that you're out of ammo, etc.)? Feel free to ad-lib.
  4. The way the dude from PCGamer kept getting more and more freaked out in the video made me proud.